Sunday adventures in Murray

Yesterday my mom and I drove down to Murray to help my brother move back into his dorm at MSU! (Go Racers!)

Helping him move meant I got free Cookout (only the best fast food ever 😍)

Since this is my brother’s second year at Murray State, he didn’t want us to hang around too long. Murray and Hazel (the neighboring town) have a ton of antique and thrift shops, so we spent hours browsing the stores and enjoying the afternoon.

Before we left town, Mom and I stopped by Murray’s DQ. Murray’s Dairy Queen is different than most –it’s a walk up restaurant and the food menu is limited.

Oh, and another thing? It’s only open March-October. This place holds a special place in my heart from my college years and it’s so fun to go back and visit every now and then.

While you’re here, check out my post from this morning on how to get more fiber in your diet (it’s educational and helpful!). 

Happy Monday!

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