Maternity pictures

Last week a friend of mine graciously gifted us a free maternity photo session. We got the gallery back over the weekend and I love them all! Below are some of my favorites.

Murphy is obviously the star of the family. I loved all of our pictures with him! Maybe even more than just the ones of me and Ryan. 

I was a little on the fence about getting pictures but I knew I would regret it if I went through this entire pregnancy and didn’t have any photos to show from it. I didn’t take the weekly bumpdate pictures, so I knew this would be a great way to get some nice photos of our little family before we add a new member!

My face and feet are a little swollen from this Kentucky heat (and ya know, being 8 months pregnant) but I am trying to focus on the crazy awesome things my body is currently doing and not on the extra pounds I’m carrying.

I had my 33 week appointment today and things are getting real FAST. I have one more appointment in July and then I see my doctor every week in August. We picked a pediatrician today and we have the car seat and stroller out of their boxes and assembled. 

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON. Less than 50 days until baby girl is here!

Did you get maternity pictures taken?

Were you early, on time or late with your first? Trying to guess when the baby will actually be here is driving me crazy!

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