Friday Favorites v.97

Can all of my favorites from this week be things from the Boston Marathon?! But seriously how awesome was that race? Every day since the race I’ve found a new article or podcast about the crazy outcomes of Monday.

1. It’s taper week! While my legs are itching for race day, it is nice not running for hours and hours.

2. Running outside! This weather has been absolutely crazy. It snowed on Monday was in the 80s on Wednesday. I’m really hoping Spring will come to stay for a while.

3. This Patagonia I got for 40% off at my local running store.

4. Here’s the bad-weather gear that top finishers wore at the Boston Marathon.
*I love the jacket Des wore. Seriously considering buying it now.

5. My little brother is coming home from college for the weekend. I haven’t seen him in months, so it’ll be good to have him home for a few days.

6. This is precious.
Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 8.30.38 PM
7. Nurse places FIFTH in Boston Marathon — works 10-hour shift the next day.

8. #RestDayBrags


Friday Favorites v.96

When is going to feel like Spring?! It’s like we got two days of nice weather and it’s back to being cold, rainy and even a chance a snow. Ugh. By now, we’re usually in the 70s. Our yard looks like a jungle, but we can’t mow because it keeps raining/snowing. Also. I just want to run outside in shorts.

Okay, okay. Pity-party = over. Let’s talk favorites!

1. 5-minute full-body HIIT workout. Since I’ve been traveling a lot lately, simple workouts like this are a must. The basics work, people. A workout doesn’t have to require machines, lots of fancy moves or even a lot of space. Just get to moving and break a sweat.

2. Shalane Flanagan has some unfinished business to attend to on April 16.

3. Did you catch this from Sunday? Brooks expertly owns April Fools’ with “release” of a voice-enabled running shoe.

4. Baseball is back! Opening day was yesterday at Busch Stadium and I can’t wait to be back in one of my favorite cities watching the Cardinals play.

5. My bracket won in the office pool!

6. Ordered these meal prep containers on Tuesday and got them yesterday! Ryan and I are both committed to cutting our grocery bill and cut back on eating out — so meal planning to the rescue! This was our first week and I’m so excited to have some more containers to pack our meals. If you have easy and tasty lunch ideas that can be prepped ahead of time, let me know in the comments below!

7. I’m rounding up a different type of favorites post for next week! It’s an entire post dedicated to the products, apparel, and services that have gotten me through marathon training.

8. Playing in the grass before our yard started looking like a jungle. After playtime, someone also got a much-needed bath this week.

This post is not sponsored and is just a list of my favorite things from this week. 

Friday Favorites v.95

This week has been long and short all at the same time. I survived my first flight and my first work event. My feet are killing me, but my heart is full.

So this week’s Friday Favorites is a little shorter than usual, but still full of so may great things.


2. Fresh fruit. I ate so much fresh fruit in Miami and it was wonderful. While food always seems to taste better when someone else prepares it, I swear Miami food was magical. Melons, berries, pineapple — everything was so juicy and delicious. I’m determined to eat more fresh fruit now that I’m home in KY.

3. TJ Maxx. I bought a few flowy dresses (including the one in the picture above) from there before my trip and they were cute, functional and didn’t break the bank!

4. Pop sockets. One of the vendors handed out pop sockets so I took one to try out. I love it! Maybe now I won’t drop my phone as much.


5. I was so happy to get back to both of my boys last night.

Friday Favorites v.94

Happy Friday, friends! This was my last full week of work before I head to Miami on Tuesday for a work event. So while I’ll still be working Monday – Friday, it’ll be nice to be in the sunshine state instead of in cold and dreary Kentucky.

How is the weather where you are? It snowed here on our first day of Spring. *groans* I am ready to sunshine (and to run outside every day).

1. I’m thinking of making these my new everyday shoe?
Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 7.45.34 PM.png

2. Since I work in the newspaper/media/designer world, this was super interesting to me. Fonts are so cool.

3. March Madness! I am so glad for the return of basketball last night even though my beloved Kentucky Wildcats lost.

4. I tried a new coffee shop in town this week called The Spot and I am in love! It’s a quirky place that really epitomizes the shop local culture. Plus their blended espressos were the   

5. Why U.S. women marathoners are having a moment.

6. No-bake cookies. I used to only get these in elementary school, but a local bakery has been making them lately and I am hooked.

7. I’m getting a pedicure after work today! These runner’s feet need some lovin’,

8. Cute, sleeping pupper.

Friday Favorites v.93

I know I say this every week — but this is such a busy season of my life. We officially listed our house on Monday and in 36 hours we had two offers! I’m also wrapping up week three at my new job, so it has been busy, busy, busy.

But let’s talk favorites —

1. I got to run outside not once, but TWICE this week! I swear the miles go by so much faster when I’m not on the treadmill.

2. Sarah’s post of her recap to becoming the third-place finisher at the Snowshoe National Championships is crazy and inspiring!

3. Carrie Underwood – The Champion ft. Ludacris. SUCH a good song and a great video. You’ll catch a glimpse of Shalane Flanagan’s win in NY.

4. I snagged these black canvas Coach loafers at TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago and they have been my go-to shoe for work. So cute and comfortable!

5. Is it weird to put cheese sticks and crackers on here as a favorite?! I’ve been bringing them to work every day as part of my lunch. Aldi has a great selection of cheese sticks (cheddar, pepper jack, mozzarella, etc) so it’s been fun switching up my choices.

6. Become an RnR Vegas Insider! Sign up to become a #StripAtNight insider and receive exclusive access to register before the general public. #RockNBlog (follow me on Instagram @mileswithmeghann for all things Run Rock N Roll. you might even get a sweet discount code)


8. How I feel about it being cold again after it was 60 yesterday.

Friday Favorites v.92

YALL. This is how tired I am:
I can feel my body exuding tired-ness. This week has been one for the books!

But even though it was a crazy week — there were lots of favorites!

1. I loved reading everyone’s RnR NOLA recaps! Here were some of my favorites — Jenna Runs, DRRUNNER, and Just Me and My Running Shoes (her story sounds a lot like something that would happen to me).

2. Running with dogs as a full-time job? Uhm yes, please! Two of my favorite things combined.

3. We are in the final stretch (I think?) on renovating our house. We crammed so much into this week, it was crazy. Painting, replacing paneling, deep cleaning our basement, ten thousand trips to Goodwill and so much more.

4. International Women’s Day. “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

5. My new job! Week two went great and I’m excited about the work to come. We also have a work trip at the end of the month I am excited about!

6. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are “making” a new tv show! Get it?! Making 😉

7. Seeing everyone’s posts about RnR DC this weekend! Good luck to everyone running!

8. My favorite pup “helping” me with laundry. 

Friday Favorites v.91

This was my first week at my new job! It was a week full of learning, training, and transition, but it was a lot of fun and I’m excited for what’s to come!

So since it’s been such a busy week, I’ve had to cut back on posting on this week. I’m hoping to be back at 100% in the next couple weeks, but there are lots of exciting things going on in the Richardson household!

But lets talk about a few favorites from this week.

1. Look at all these cute shamrock items from Brooks!
Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 5.35.47 AM.png

2. My seven mile run on Wednesday. It was exactly the boost I needed going into this weekend. I also get to run with a friend today, which is such a treat!

3. Tuesday’s post on my favorite workout gear for Spring.

4. Found out earlier this week that I will get to travel to Miami and Naples Florida in the next two months for work. Yay for warm weather, my first trip on a plane and warm weather!

5. Kentucky man runs a marathon in all 50 states in one year. Yay KY!

6. YES YES YES. #Runderful

7. What happened after I spoke out about fat shaming at the NYC marathon.

8. Murph and his memaw. 

Friday Favorites v.90

I have some news to post later today, but this is the end of a very bittersweet week. So it’s weird seeing it come to an end.

But let’s get back to some normalcy and talk Friday Favorites.

1. This post is so neat! I follow Carlee on Instagram and her #CarleesTreasures posts are always so interesting. After a year of collecting things on her runs, she has decided to turn her findings into art!

2. The weather on Monday and Tuesday was glorious! Temps in the low to mid-70s and a nice breeze. It makes me so excited for summer!

3. Feeling confident and strong enough to run in a sports bra (even if it was just me and my dog alone in the garage). Seven miles in a sports bra never felt so good!

4. Ryan and I are road tripping to Tennessee for the weekend to spend some time with his family for his mom’s birthday.

5. This Run Happy tank from Brooks!
Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 2.17.46 PM.png

6. The story behind the style: the flyte collection expands. Oh ya know, just more love for one of my favorite companies, Oiselle.

7. 22 Outstanding women journalists from the last 100 years. The journalist in me loves this article. So informative! I’m also prepping a presentation for young girls at our local library next month and I get to talk about women in media. Yay!

8. Poor Murph always freaks out during the first 5-10 minutes of my run. Then he runs around the garage like a crazy person. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Friday Favorites v.89

Happy Friday from rainy Kentucky! It’s basically supposed to rain for the next EIGHT days…so figuring out my running plans is going to be an adventure.

Ryan and I don’t have any big plans for the weekend and I am so pumped about it. We’re going to hang out around the house, maybe watch some movies and talk about some long-term plans for our house, cars, etc. We feel so adult!

But before the weekend can begin let’s get through this week’s Friday Favorites!

1.Valentine’s Day! Even though Ryan and I don’t celebrate with cards or flowers, it’s still fun to stop and recognize a day all about love. We did sneak away for a quick lunch together (which never happens!) I also bought some candy for my class, but that was more to encourage them during their midterm review game than for the holiday 😉

2. This story of a heroic dog who died protecting his owner will break your heart.

3. I mentioned this on the blog earlier in the week, but this beet and ginger bean and been my latest obsession. I’ve been eating it on wraps, sandwiches and as a dip. It’s so good and has such an interesting flavor!

4. The Thoughts of Dog Twitter account. I’ve been following it for a while, but I don’t think I have ever mentioned it on here before.

5. How much do you love running? Take this quiz from Run Rock N Roll and find out! I got kind of obsessed.

6. I had some pretty good runs this week! I’m hoping this sets me up for a great long run on Saturday — 14 miles! My longest EVER EVER.

7. Yesterday’s weather was PERFECT. It was almost 70 with a nice breeze — definitely a nice change from the snow, ice and freezing temps.

8. Surprisingly, I haven’t taken any pictures of Murphy this week. We did have his yearly vet exam yesterday and everything was good! So that makes this dog momma happy.

Friday Favorites v.88

Anyone else have those weeks that are just so mentally draining? This week was one of them for me. Stress from work and not great runs had me a little bummed, but I’m trying to stay positive and take it a day at a time.

So let’s talk positive! Let me know a favorite thing, story, or memory from this week.

1. Julie’s most-used kitchen items post from Thursday. I have some of the items, but now I’m looking into the soap-dispensing brush.

2. I found a great discount code on ProCompression’s Facebook page and got FIVE pairs of their compression socks for only $100. I can’t wait for them to arrive! Fingers crossed they come in by tomorrow afternoon so I can wear them after my 13-mile run. 
3. Did you see my post from earlier this week about the Run Rock N Roll improvements? So many great, new changes are coming to the race series and I am so excited to run RnR Nashville in April!

4. It was Spotlight week in my intro to media writing class!

5. The Doritos commercial from Sunday’s SuperBowl. Which commercial was your favorite this year? I feel like they were all pretty mild and not super interesting.

6. 5 Instagram-worthy dessert bars.

7. I’m pretty I’ve mentioned this in a Friday Favorites post before, but tomato basil soup from Great Harvest is my absolute FAV in the winter time. I could drink it (yes, I drink my soup) every day.

8. Murphy loves to sunbathe.