Knee pain and hunger

Hello, hello! Sorry to disappear yesterday, but it was a long and busy and I had no time to blog.

My day started at 5:30 a.m. with five treadmill miles and some stretching + foam rolling. Then work work work from 7:30ish to 5ish and then I had to dart to campus for my first class of the spring semester! This is my second semester teaching an intro to media writing class at a local college and I love it. By the time I got home after 9 p.m., I was exhausted.

I’ve had a little bit of soreness in my left knee since Saturday’s 8-miler, so I’ve brought out the old knee brace for some extra support. Here’s to hoping the pain subsides! Anyone know some good knee strengthening exercises?


This morning was three easy miles followed by a banana and almond butter sandwich.

Also. This could just be my mind playing tricks on me, but should I be noticeably more hungry in only week two of marathon training? I’m trying to really watch my nutrition (what I eat + how much I eat) but I feel so hungry around 10 a.m. every day. I’ve been keeping some KIND bars and nut butter & honey balls in my desk, but I get tired of eating those all the time.

Today I will be trying to get as much work done as possible just in case I get stuck at home tomorrow due to some bad weather coming our way (freezing rain AND snow). Happy Thursday!


Runner feet

Fair warning, if talking about feet & toes gross you out, go ahead & skip this post.

I seem to constantly get ingrown toenails. I try to semi-regularly get pedicures, but without fail they keep coming back. And they are painful! I never have anything gross come out of my toes and I’ve had an infection, but my big toe will always turn red and be super sore.

I know running is hard on your feet, but for real?! These ingrown toenails are painful. Anytime I trim my nails at home, I don’t cut them short and I cut straight across (I’ve done my research to try and fix this reoccurring problem).

Any tips or tricks? I try to wear wide and open shoes (but sometimes I have to wear heels to work) and I know my running shoes are properly fitted. While I love getting a pedicure, I can’t keep shelling out money just to get some relief.

Thanks in advance, friends!

Mid-week thoughts

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Y’all. IT IS COLD. I know you all up north probably think this Kentucky weather is child’s play, (0-20 degrees) but I am not cut out for this. I need sunny and 75.

To make matters worse, my poor husband is sick again. I just want to stay home all day and make him feel better. Thank goodness we have another long weekend ahead. I see lots of movies + time under the blankets on the couch.

Building a stronger base in preparation for my first marathon is going pretty great. I’m getting in more miles in than I have months, while still taking a slow and controlled approach. Once the new year gets here, things really start ramping up!

Core, hip and glute workout routine. These areas are so important for runners and more often than not, we ignore them! I’ve been trying to do some type of strengthing exercise after every run. Follow me on Pinterest for more workout ideas (@mileswithmeghann)

Price increase ahead! The new year is almost here and it’s time to get your friends to join you (and me!) at the start line for the 2018 St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon (or half marathon). Have them register by this Sunday to save up to $20 and get the biggest bang for their buck!
Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 8.19.05 AM

My approach on running through the holidays

Do you know how much more motivated I am to run now that I have a race on my calendar? While I know the “honeymoon” phase will (probably) wear off, right now I am happily jumping on the treadmill and cranking out the miles.

But with Christmas quickly approaching, I know I won’t be running every day — and that’s okay! My in-laws are coming to Kentucky for almost a full week and I am so excited for all the holiday events we have planned (looking at Christmas lights, watching Christmas movies, etc)

I am taking a relaxed approach to running through the Christmas season. While my health is a priority, so is my family. So I encourage you all to not stress about missing a run or eating an extra slice of Christmas dessert in the next few weeks.

I am so thankful I get to run and that I have enough food on my table to have second helpings. Just remember others aren’t so lucky.


Saturday snacks

Hi friends! Popping in real fast to tell you if you are looking for a quick and healthy snack, these Bear Naked peanut butter and honey granola bites are BOMB. They are so good.

I’m not a cook, so while I know lots of people make their own energy bites, I rather just buy mine. Got these today for the first and I’m hooked!

My review of the Fitbit Blaze

This post is NOT sponsored. Just my opinions on a product I enjoy.

So if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I’ve been debating for months between the Apple Watch and the Fitbit Blaze.

Well on Black Friday Kohl’s was having a sweet sale on the Fitbit Blaze, so I bit the bullet and bought one! My driving force behind buying this watch vs. the Apple Watch was the price range. I snagged the Fitbit Blaze for $150 and even an older model Apple Watch will run you about $250. The newer Apple Watches cost about $400! That’s crazy.
So far, I have been very impressed with the Blaze. It was easy to setup, easy to use and I like that I can see the screen (versus the smaller screen on the other Fitbit activity trackers). It tracks everything I need and it gives reminders throughout the day if I need to move more.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 8.02.03 AM.png
I can also read text messages and take phone calls from the watch. It’s nice to be able to see if someone texts me, but I didn’t purchase the watch for that feature, it’s just an added bonus!

If you’ve been thinking about an activity tracker or have been debating between the Blaz and the Apple Watch, I highly recommend the Fitbit Blaze!

Working out during the holidays

We all know working out during the holidays can be TOUGH. So much food, so many parties and traveling and so little time. Here are some quick and easy tips and ideas on how to stay active during December.

• Gina from the Fitnessista created a workout advent calendar. It’s such a simple and fun way to get active and get in some workout endorphins during December.

• If you have any type of fitness tracker, try to hit 10,000 every day! Take a walk after your meals to help with digest + to get some fresh air!

• Plan in advance! Try to carve out some time for a run or schedule a few classes to attend. If something is already on your calendar, you’re less likely to skip it!

(But don’t forget to go with the flow! Sometimes plans change. Don’t stress.)

• Join a reindeer run (or other holiday-themed 5k)! Invite your friends and family members to participate, this way you all are held accountable to show up.

The most important thing to remember to enjoy the holidays! This season only comes around once a year, so don’t stress about your running or your meals. Keep things in moderation and remember to move some.
Happy last-day-of-November!

Tips for a healthier Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I love all the food, family, football and naps that are associated with the holiday. But every year I have to remind myself that it is not a time to go overboard with the great food. While I strongly believe in a balanced lifestyle, I think it’s okay for little splurges around the holiday. If you restrict yourself from the foods you want, not only will you go overboard later, but you will probably regret not eating your favorite foods that you only get once or twice a year.

So here are tips and articles from around the web that I hope will help you have a great and healthy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving meal.jpg

This article is from 2015, but all the tips still ring true!
7 tips for a healthy Thanksgiving.

Eat breakfast.
While you might think it makes sense to save up calories for the big meal, experts say eating a small meal in the morning can give you more control over your appetite. Start your day with a small but satisfying breakfast — such as an egg with a slice of whole-wheat toast, or a bowl of whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk — so you won’t be starving when you arrive at the gathering.

Make or bring your own healthy dish.
Most people are going to notice if you use ingredients with less sugar or fat. While it’s fun to splurge on grandma once-a-year- pumpkin pie, it’s also nice to have some other healthier options. This way you can have your pie and eat it too 😉

Recipe ideas!
Roasted Kabocha Squash & Grapes.
Smokey Chicken Chili. 

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Mine will forever and always be mashed potatoes and gravy.

Simple flow – yoga for runners

If you’re like me (and most runners) yoga is probably not your favorite activity. I rather be running or lifting weights than being cool, calm and collective and doing yoga. BUT I also know yoga has some pretty great perks for runners, like improving flexibility, easing aches and pains, and helping recover from long runs. While I always grumble when getting ready to practice yoga, I ALWAYS feel so much better afterward.


Going through this simple flow will make you feel so relaxed and will help lengthen your body.

Downward Dog
Low Lunges
Spinal Twist
Legs Up The Wall

Runners’ World has some great photos and explanations of these poses + more.
If you need a video to follow, this 7-minute post-run yoga video is perfect!

What are some of your favorite stretches/poses?