Avocado fried egg toast

Today I have a super easy + delicious breakfast idea for you! I’m planning on making this x2 today after my 8-mile run.

Avocado fried egg toast.jpg

Preheat the frying pan. Get it medium-hot.

While your frying pan is heating up prep your toast, cut your avocado and mash it on your toast + add any other toppings you like.

Then, crack the egg into a small bowl, (it’ll be easier for transferring to your skillet) then slide the egg out of the bowl and into the frying pan. Put a lid on the frying pan — keep that heat in there!

Cook for about 4 minutes, until the egg white solidifies; the yolk will thicken slightly as it heats. Do not flip the egg.

When your egg is done, slide the cooked egg onto your prepared avocado toast. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and eat up!

I can’t wait to check in with you all on Monday about week one of marathon training!


Friday Favorites v.83

Happy Friday, guys! It’s been a cold week, but thankfully it’s supposed to warm up over the weekend (to like the mid-30s). Usually, on short weeks, the days seem to drag on, but this week flew by.

I’ll recap week one of marathon training on Monday! I have an 8-mile run scheduled for tomorrow morning and I’m hoping to make it to a local trail instead of running on my treadmill.

This week was a good one! Let’s recap some favorites 🙂

1. My love for eggs comes and goes and right now I am all for them. I think I ate fried eggs on my sandwiches almost every day this week for lunch.

2. Aldi’s almond butter. I love Aldi for their prices and selection — not only do they have the basics (meat, bread, eggs, produce) but they have some healthy picks too! I picked up a jar of almond butter last week and I have eaten some almost every day this week for breakfast or as a snack.
The benefits of almond butter vs. peanut butter (even though I love them both!)

3. My biggest work project of 2017 launched on Thursday and I got so many positive comments on it! It was the perfect way to end the week and I am so proud of the work me and my team put in to make this magazine awesome.

4. I sent this screenshot to husband earlier this week. Can’t wait to buy this Sarah Marie Design Studio sweatshirt.

5. Last weekend I got a new pair of shoes to kick off marathon training. I decided to go with the Glycerin 15s instead of the Ghosts (a shoe I have loved for years) for more support and cushioning. I’m thinking about dedicating an entire post to these shoes because I am so in love with them.

I highlighted these socks in an Instastory on Monday but thought I would share them over here too.

7. Did you all see my post from earlier in the week on virtual races? I’m still a little on the fence about them, but I take my chances later in the year and sign up for one.

8. Sun-bathing diva.

Running inspiration from around the web

Just in case you need a little motivation (ya know, besides the new year) I’ve rounded up some of the best and most inspiring things I’ve seen on the web this week. Make 2018 YOUR year. I know I am.

• SheCanAndSheDid.com. Kelly Roberts is one my favorite running-vlogging-social media badasses.bit.ly/prfctbdy from her will always be one of my favorites. Check her out if you need some motivation. She’s the real deal, y’all.

Oiselle posted on their blog earlier this week that they were creating a community called Prologue. They encouraged people to tweet their goals, reasons, steps, and mantra for 2018. I also love the idea of picking a word/verse/phrase of the year. Here’s mine:

My weight has nothing to do with how good a runner I am. YAS GURL.
• An oldie, but a goodie. Harriette Thompson sets new record: oldest woman to finish a half marathon.
• FloTrack predictions for 2018.

Runner feet

Fair warning, if talking about feet & toes gross you out, go ahead & skip this post.

I seem to constantly get ingrown toenails. I try to semi-regularly get pedicures, but without fail they keep coming back. And they are painful! I never have anything gross come out of my toes and I’ve had an infection, but my big toe will always turn red and be super sore.

I know running is hard on your feet, but for real?! These ingrown toenails are painful. Anytime I trim my nails at home, I don’t cut them short and I cut straight across (I’ve done my research to try and fix this reoccurring problem).

Any tips or tricks? I try to wear wide and open shoes (but sometimes I have to wear heels to work) and I know my running shoes are properly fitted. While I love getting a pedicure, I can’t keep shelling out money just to get some relief.

Thanks in advance, friends!

Virtual races

Today I want to know what your thoughts are on virtual runs AND the best website to use when registering for them. Have you ever participated in a virtual race?! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

I’ve found a few sites here, here and here with lots of virtual races and varying distances, but I want to make sure they are legit!

I’ve seen them pop up more and more on social media and the idea seems intriguing. I like that you can run when and where you want + still get swag! A virtual race also sounds like a good way to stay motivated while training or if you don’t have a lot of races nearby (looking at you, small-town runners!)


WHAT IS A VIRTUAL RACE? A virtual race is a race that can be run or walked from any location you choose. You can run on the road, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym or on the track. You get to run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself. You often get a medal + other swag and can complete any number of distances.

I’m looking to sign up for one or two virtual races later in the year, (especially a 10k since that a distance we don’t really have near where I live) but wanted some opinions from runners who have done them. Thanks in advance, friends!


I AM SO EXCITED. I bounced out of bed this morning knowing that I was going to mark off day one of my training.

I am trying to take it day-by-day (because let’s be real, the thought of running 26 miles IN A ROW scares the shit out of me).

I’ve mentioned it before, but I am following Hal Higdon’s 18-week novice two training plan.

The plan is designed for people with some background as runners, (whether or not they have run a marathon before).

The plan encourages you to have been running for about a year — and be able to comfortably run distances between 3 and 6 miles. It also says that you should have run an occasional 5-K or half marathon race. Obviously, the higher your fitness level, the easier this 18-week program will be.

Here is what week one looks like:
Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 6.47.54 PM

Anyone else start training soon? Let’s do this together! Email me at mileswithmeghann@gmail.com for accountability and motivation. You don’t have to conquer your dreams alone.

As Shalane Flanagan said after winning New York“I like working with other women. I find that I enjoy what I do more when I work with other people. The solo pursuit of excellence, it’s hard to do it alone. It wasn’t a conscious decision to be a leader. It just naturally happened. I want to keep including more and more women because I thoroughly enjoy it.”

Friday Favorites v.82

The last Friday of the year — woah. It’s been a weird week and I’m honestly glad it’s over. Super cold temps, a sick husband and a mountain work made this short week anything but easy.

But I’m headed into 2018 with a happy heart and some BIG goals.

So let’s wrap up this week with some Friday Favorites.

1. My treadmill runs have surprisingly been a favorite this week. They have been my “me time” and a way for me to decompress from the day. Win-win!

2. Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 training program.

3. A fun journalism link I found earlier this week. Here’s the best stuff Bloomberg didn’t write this year.

4. Lots of Kentucky sports are happening today, so I’m repping by blue and white! UK and Louisville tip off this afternoon and UK’s bowl game is today. C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS!

5. Sushi! I’ve had it twice this week. I’m pretty sure I could eat it every day if given the option.

6. I got my first look at the 2018 RnR Nashville marathon/half marathon participant shirts. I am so excited! Four months from today!

7. I won’t quit, but I might cuss the whole time tank. Thanks to Run, Travel Dream, I found where to buy it in her T-shirt Tuesday post.

8. Murphy has been such a good pup all week. Ryan has been home sick since Wednesday and every day I get a report of how good Murphy was during the day. I’m pretty sure puppy cuddles can cure anything. 

Top posts from 2017

2017 has been a weird but good year for this blog. There were times when my heart just wasn’t it into blog anymore, but I came back week after week because I wanted to connect with readers who loved running as much as I did.

Even though this a blog about running, my most viewed post in 2017 was about Murphy. I’m glad you all seem to love Murphy as I do.

Here’s a roundup of the top 5 posts on the blog this year:

1. How Murphy has improved my life.
2. Fitness favorites.
3. Good reads from around the web.
4. Easy egg frittata muffins.
5. Rock N Blog.

Here’s to 2018! I can’t wait to see what it brings. Thanks for following me on this crazy journey of life and running (and coming soon — marathon training!)