Favorite Owensboro Eats

Y’all. I love to eat. So it was so much fun eating my way through my hometown for this post. While I’m partial to OBKY, I really do think we have some of the best food in the country (lookin’ at you BBQ).

Old Hickory Bar-B-Q (& Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn and Ole South Bar-B-Q)
Owensboro is known for its barbecue. Like anytime someone important comes to visit our town, they go to Moonlite. BBQ is a big deal here and I love it. We even have a BBQ festival (and 5k!) in May to celebrate all of the BBQ goodness. I could eat BBQ all year round, but since it is finally starting to get cooler, I have been craving burgoo. Such a staple in Kentucky!

The Famous Bistro
Y’all. While Owensboro is known for comfort food and barbecue, The Famous Bistro has some pretty great Greek-inspired dishes. Their gyros are the best and I love their cozy dining room or the option to eat on the sidewalk patio. They also have Greek favorites like spanakopita and moussakas. It’s one of my favorite downtown Owensboro restaurants and when the weather is warm, I love to go there and eat lunch outside.

Great Harvest Bread Co.
So while this isn’t a local place, I always think it is. It’s locally-owned, but part of a franchise. They have the best salads, soups, loaves of bread and treats. My best friend and I eat breakfast there every Friday and I love all of their free bread samples. The banana chocolate chip will always be one of my favorites.

Honorable Mentions
Colby’s Fine Food & Spirits — I love their sweet potato fries.* I really want to try The Lure Seafood and Grille — it’s a cute little place tucked inside one of our downtown hotels. Since my husband is allergic to fish, that eliminates this place for date night, but I am needing to round up my girls and visit!

* We have entirely way too many fast food and pizza places in our town.

Hit me up if you ever come to western Kentucky! I have so many great recommendations for places to eat, stay and visit.


Top 5 tips for waking up early

I didn’t become a morning runner overnight (<– puns. haha)

It took a little bit of work. While I am normally a morning person, during marathon training I would sometimes wake up at 4:30 a.m. in order to get my run in.Waking up early

My best tips for waking up early are:

1. Start waking up just a little bit earlier every day. Wake up 10 minutes earlier, then 15, then 20, etc until you’ve reached your goal!
3. Act like the snooze button doesn’t exist. When you hear the alarm, take a deep breath, get out of bed and get the day started!
4. Drink a glass of water as soon as you get out bed. It’ll help wake up you and stay hydrated.
5. If you’re absolutely miserable, maybe waking up early isn’t the best idea for the current season of your life.

“The time just before dawn contains the most energy of all hours of the day. This has helped me become an early riser and an early doer…. When I wake to see that it’s light out already, I feel the world has started without me.” –Terri Guillemets

Friday Favorites v.91

This was my first week at my new job! It was a week full of learning, training, and transition, but it was a lot of fun and I’m excited for what’s to come!

So since it’s been such a busy week, I’ve had to cut back on posting on this week. I’m hoping to be back at 100% in the next couple weeks, but there are lots of exciting things going on in the Richardson household!

But lets talk about a few favorites from this week.

1. Look at all these cute shamrock items from Brooks!
Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 5.35.47 AM.png

2. My seven mile run on Wednesday. It was exactly the boost I needed going into this weekend. I also get to run with a friend today, which is such a treat!

3. Tuesday’s post on my favorite workout gear for Spring.

4. Found out earlier this week that I will get to travel to Miami and Naples Florida in the next two months for work. Yay for warm weather, my first trip on a plane and warm weather!

5. Kentucky man runs a marathon in all 50 states in one year. Yay KY!

6. YES YES YES. #Runderful

7. What happened after I spoke out about fat shaming at the NYC marathon.

8. Murph and his memaw. 

Sports Bra Squad and a good reminder

Unofficial #SportsBraSquad member. I ran without a shirt for the first time in AGES last night. While I was tucked away in my garage where no one could see me, I felt liberating to shed my shirt and run freely.

I debated on even posting this photo because of my stomach but decided to keep it real over here and show you the good, bad and the ugly. While I’m not where I want to be, I’m getting stronger every day!

I busted out seven miles (11:11 pace) and felt so damn proud of how far I’ve come.

Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m training for a marathon! Three months ago I was barely running 2-3 miles a night and now I’m running seven miles on a weeknight and more than 13 miles on the weekends!

I saw this on social media last week and decided to save it to my phone as a good reminder.

We have more substance than numbers.

Happy Hump Day! As always, Wednesday are jammed-packed for me. I’ll pop back in tomorrow for more running and life talk and then Friday will be my usual favorites post! Have a wonderful day!

Something I need to work on — overeating

I love to run. I also love to eat.

While I know marathon training isn’t the time to lose weight, if we’re being honest, I thought I would lose at least 5-10 pounds while training. I mean I’m running more than ever, so I’m burning a ton of calories, right?

But my problem? I love Chick-fil-A. And doughnuts.
sweet tea

I’ll eat healthy for breakfast and lunch, then overeat at supper. Or the weekend will come and we’ll order pizza one night and go to a steakhouse the next.

I try not to keep a lot of unhealthy snacks in the house, but I can easily eat a bag of Sun Chips in one sitting.

I do love this post from FAnnetastic Food about intuitive eating + mindful eating. Now I just need to learn how to do it!

As someone who has struggled with my weight my entire life, it sucks to say I can run miles and miles but I’m still 15-20 pounds overweight. I want to fuel my body the best I can, but I also don’t want to restrict myself from the foods I love.
Balance is hard.Just know, you’re not alone. I love to run, but I love to eat. One day, I find a great balance that fits myself but also helps me be the best version of myself.

Sentence per picture

Trying to pop in more often with random tidbits from life. So here it goes!

Saw this on Facebook the other day – so many good things to keep in mind!

Freaking crushed my seven-mile run on Tuesday night and I’m pumped to hop on the treadmill tonight when I get off work – hopefully in shorts!

Forever & always thinking about food. Debating on making these cookies tonight.
Quick &amp; Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Be back tomorrow with Friday Favorites!

ProCompression socks review

This post is NOT sponsored. This is just a product that I enjoy that I want to share with you all!

I’m a pretty easy customer. Give me a product that looks good, feels good and works for me and I’m sold. After seeing ProCompression socks all over Instagram and finding a coupon code on Facebook, I decided to buy some and see what they were all about.

So when I found a discount to get FIVE pairs for the price of two you best believe I ran to my computer to buy some.
From the ProCompression website: Everyone can benefit from stepping into PRO Compression products—because increased circulation is always a good thing. Whatever you do—from standing all day on the job to hoofing across 18 holes, from flying frequently for business to competing in triathlons—our socks and sleeves will help you perform at your peak and feel your very best.

I’ve worn these socks for several runs now, both outside and on the treadmill, and I love them! They don’t slide down, they don’t pinch under the knee and no blisters on my feet. They seem to help with soreness during my run and recovery afterward!


ProCompression products are also made in the USA — another win!
*This Valentine’s pattern might be favorite out of all of them!*
**Legs up the wall is my favorite post-run pose.**

If you are thinking of trying a pair out, be sure to check their social media channels for a discount code!

Have you ever tried compression socks/sleeves? What were your thoughts?

Valentine’s Day and a Liebster Award

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers! While Ryan and I don’t usually celebrate, we do use it as an excuse to go out to dinner!

I’m also buying candy for college class tonight, but mainly because it will be on sale and they have their midterm review this week.

Anyways, Michelle over at ryn4me nominated me for Liebster award. These things are so fun, so I thought I would participate.
I’m supposed to tell you 10 random facts and then answer 10 questions. So let’s do this.

Here are my 10 questions from Michelle:

  1. What is the last book that you read? A Simplified Life by Emily Ley.
  2. Desert or mountains? MOUNTAINS.
  3. As a child, what was your favorite cartoon character? Scooby-Doo!
  4. What is the last spontaneous thing you did? Register for a marathon (LOL)
  5. Is Valentines Day a “corporate invented holiday” or a “great day to express your love”? Both?
  6. Would you say you’re more like your mother or more like your father? (or neither!) Dad…for sure.
  7. What is the longest road trip you’ve ever been on? Washington D.C.?
  8. If you opened a restaurant/cafe, what type of food would you serve? TACOS.
  9. What’s an adjective people commonly use to describe you? Loud. oops.
  10. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Austraila!

The award is the Liebster Award which is a way to be discovered but also to connect and support the blogging community. It’s given by bloggers to other bloggers and it’s been going on for several years now.

To the gals I nominated…here are your 10 questions!
1. Sweet or sour candy?
2. What’s your favorite TV show?
3. Do you have a favorite workout? Link it in the comments and let me know!
4. Who would you want for your celebrity parents?
5. Three favorite movies?
6. Cake or pie?
7. Who is your favorite athlete?
8. What’s your favorite holiday?
9. Favorite Olympic sport? (winter and summer!)
10. What’s your favorite post that you’ve written? (Link, please!)

So, nominees, you are to:
• Link to this blog post in your Liebster Award blog post
• Answer the questions given to you above
• Create more questions for your nominees to answer

I nominate Marathoning for Life, Deutscher Wanderwolf and Jupiter Running Girl!

Can’t wait to read your responses!

Messy Monday

Ever have those days where you feel like your entire life is a mess?

Welcome to my Monday. (yesterday)

Some changes in my career were causing some stress (good and bad?) and yesterday was the tip of the iceberg. Thankfully, things can only get better from here, but yesterday involved lots of tears.

Lunch was messy and delicious. I tried this new beet and ginger bean dip from Kroger and OH MY GOSH it is so good. Admittedly, it is a taste I am not used to, but it added such a zing to my lunchtime sandwich!

Also. This color is to die for. *insert heart eyes emoji*

Even though yesterday was a rest day I knew I needed to run. So after work, I hopped on my treadmill with no expectations, no watch and no stats on my screen.

It was just what I needed to end a long day.

So here we are, almost halfway through Tuesday. I’m changing some things up in my training plan and I am going to try and run seven miles after work tonight and only run four tomorrow morning before work. (I know back-to-back runs aren’t great for your legs, but I have to fit them in when I can)

How is your week going so far?

Friday Favorites v.87

Happy Friday from snowy Kentucky! Snow blanketed our area again yesterday afternoon and it’s so neat waking up to a fresh start!

1. On Wednesday I got to eat sushi with my dad as a belated birthday lunch. We are the only ones in the family who like sushi, so it’s a special treat to go out together.

2. Julie’s maple cinnamon whipped cream. This would go perfectly with the blueberry banana french toast recipe I shared on Wednesday!

3. Which running playlist are you? Run Rock N Roll put together a fun quiz to find your new favorite playlist.

4. Forget about setting goals. Focus on this instead. 

5. Saw this quote on Facebook earlier this week and I LOVE it. img_3676.jpg

6. My post from yesterday with some great ideas for running gifts for your valentine.

7. Taking a vacation day to spend Ryan’s birthday at home with him! Tomorrow we are celebrating by bowling with friends. I’m so excited! I love celebrating birthdays.

8. Murphy loving his toys is my favorite. Except now Gordo (the Gorilla) doesn’t look quite as plump nowadays.