Favorite Owensboro Eats

Y’all. I love to eat. So it was so much fun eating my way through my hometown for this post. While I’m partial to OBKY, I really do think we have some of the best food in the country (lookin’ at you BBQ).

Old Hickory Bar-B-Q (& Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn and Ole South Bar-B-Q)
Owensboro is known for its barbecue. Like anytime someone important comes to visit our town, they go to Moonlite. BBQ is a big deal here and I love it. We even have a BBQ festival (and 5k!) in May to celebrate all of the BBQ goodness. I could eat BBQ all year round, but since it is finally starting to get cooler, I have been craving burgoo. Such a staple in Kentucky!

The Famous Bistro
Y’all. While Owensboro is known for comfort food and barbecue, The Famous Bistro has some pretty great Greek-inspired dishes. Their gyros are the best and I love their cozy dining room or the option to eat on the sidewalk patio. They also have Greek favorites like spanakopita and moussakas. It’s one of my favorite downtown Owensboro restaurants and when the weather is warm, I love to go there and eat lunch outside.

Great Harvest Bread Co.
So while this isn’t a local place, I always think it is. It’s locally-owned, but part of a franchise. They have the best salads, soups, loaves of bread and treats. My best friend and I eat breakfast there every Friday and I love all of their free bread samples. The banana chocolate chip will always be one of my favorites.

Honorable Mentions
Colby’s Fine Food & Spirits — I love their sweet potato fries.* I really want to try The Lure Seafood and Grille — it’s a cute little place tucked inside one of our downtown hotels. Since my husband is allergic to fish, that eliminates this place for date night, but I am needing to round up my girls and visit!

* We have entirely way too many fast food and pizza places in our town.

Hit me up if you ever come to western Kentucky! I have so many great recommendations for places to eat, stay and visit.


Top 5 tips for waking up early

I didn’t become a morning runner overnight (<– puns. haha)

It took a little bit of work. While I am normally a morning person, during marathon training I would sometimes wake up at 4:30 a.m. in order to get my run in.Waking up early

My best tips for waking up early are:

1. Start waking up just a little bit earlier every day. Wake up 10 minutes earlier, then 15, then 20, etc until you’ve reached your goal!
3. Act like the snooze button doesn’t exist. When you hear the alarm, take a deep breath, get out of bed and get the day started!
4. Drink a glass of water as soon as you get out bed. It’ll help wake up you and stay hydrated.
5. If you’re absolutely miserable, maybe waking up early isn’t the best idea for the current season of your life.

“The time just before dawn contains the most energy of all hours of the day. This has helped me become an early riser and an early doer…. When I wake to see that it’s light out already, I feel the world has started without me.” –Terri Guillemets

On the road (and in the air) again…

Thank goodness it is taper week because work is CRAZY this week. Not only is it finals week for side hustle teaching job, but to Florida for a work event.

I worked two days in the office and then flew out of Nashville to Atlanta and then to Florida this morning.

While it’s not ideal, I’m going with the flow, and trying to stay hydrated and loose for my race on Saturday! Since I won’t get back into town until super early (like 2 a.m.) Friday morning, I am hoping to get some sleep before grading finals and hitting the road to Nashville for race weekend!

If you have any last-minute tips before my race on Saturday, I would love to hear from you! Drop me a comment below or send me an email at mileswithmeghann@gmail.com.

I’ll check back in with you all on Friday!

My first plane ride + Miami

I can check another thing off my bucket list — on Tuesday morning I took my first flight!

We have a work event in Miami this week, so on Tuesday morning, we drove to Nashville to board a flight to Fort Lauderdale. I wasn’t really nervous about flying, but I also wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. Thankfully I made it with no sickness and only a little ear pain/pressure. Win!

My awesome coworkers let me have a window seat and it was amazing watching the plane climb through the air. It was so cool to be above the clouds.

Miami and South Beach (where we are staying) have such a fun vibe. The sun and the ocean air just makes me so happy. I also love how much fresh fruit there is here! This was my lunch from yesterday and I could eat this every day for the rest of my life. 

Our whole team has been working 16 hour days, so there hasn’t been much time for sight-seeing or relaxing. I also haven’t run since Monday, but I think my body is welcoming the break.

I’m hoping to check back in before my Friday Favorites post, but things are a little crazy. Follow me @mileswithmeghann on Instagram for more real-time updates.

Friday Favorites v.93

I know I say this every week — but this is such a busy season of my life. We officially listed our house on Monday and in 36 hours we had two offers! I’m also wrapping up week three at my new job, so it has been busy, busy, busy.

But let’s talk favorites —

1. I got to run outside not once, but TWICE this week! I swear the miles go by so much faster when I’m not on the treadmill.

2. Sarah’s post of her recap to becoming the third-place finisher at the Snowshoe National Championships is crazy and inspiring!

3. Carrie Underwood – The Champion ft. Ludacris. SUCH a good song and a great video. You’ll catch a glimpse of Shalane Flanagan’s win in NY.

4. I snagged these black canvas Coach loafers at TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago and they have been my go-to shoe for work. So cute and comfortable!

5. Is it weird to put cheese sticks and crackers on here as a favorite?! I’ve been bringing them to work every day as part of my lunch. Aldi has a great selection of cheese sticks (cheddar, pepper jack, mozzarella, etc) so it’s been fun switching up my choices.

6. Become an RnR Vegas Insider! Sign up to become a #StripAtNight insider and receive exclusive access to register before the general public. #RockNBlog (follow me on Instagram @mileswithmeghann for all things Run Rock N Roll. you might even get a sweet discount code)


8. How I feel about it being cold again after it was 60 yesterday.

Friday Favorites v.92

YALL. This is how tired I am:
I can feel my body exuding tired-ness. This week has been one for the books!

But even though it was a crazy week — there were lots of favorites!

1. I loved reading everyone’s RnR NOLA recaps! Here were some of my favorites — Jenna Runs, DRRUNNER, and Just Me and My Running Shoes (her story sounds a lot like something that would happen to me).

2. Running with dogs as a full-time job? Uhm yes, please! Two of my favorite things combined.

3. We are in the final stretch (I think?) on renovating our house. We crammed so much into this week, it was crazy. Painting, replacing paneling, deep cleaning our basement, ten thousand trips to Goodwill and so much more.

4. International Women’s Day. “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

5. My new job! Week two went great and I’m excited about the work to come. We also have a work trip at the end of the month I am excited about!

6. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are “making” a new tv show! Get it?! Making 😉

7. Seeing everyone’s posts about RnR DC this weekend! Good luck to everyone running!

8. My favorite pup “helping” me with laundry. 

Friday Favorites v.91

This was my first week at my new job! It was a week full of learning, training, and transition, but it was a lot of fun and I’m excited for what’s to come!

So since it’s been such a busy week, I’ve had to cut back on posting on this week. I’m hoping to be back at 100% in the next couple weeks, but there are lots of exciting things going on in the Richardson household!

But lets talk about a few favorites from this week.

1. Look at all these cute shamrock items from Brooks!
Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 5.35.47 AM.png

2. My seven mile run on Wednesday. It was exactly the boost I needed going into this weekend. I also get to run with a friend today, which is such a treat!

3. Tuesday’s post on my favorite workout gear for Spring.

4. Found out earlier this week that I will get to travel to Miami and Naples Florida in the next two months for work. Yay for warm weather, my first trip on a plane and warm weather!

5. Kentucky man runs a marathon in all 50 states in one year. Yay KY!

6. YES YES YES. #Runderful

7. What happened after I spoke out about fat shaming at the NYC marathon.

8. Murph and his memaw. 

Sports Bra Squad and a good reminder

Unofficial #SportsBraSquad member. I ran without a shirt for the first time in AGES last night. While I was tucked away in my garage where no one could see me, I felt liberating to shed my shirt and run freely.

I debated on even posting this photo because of my stomach but decided to keep it real over here and show you the good, bad and the ugly. While I’m not where I want to be, I’m getting stronger every day!

I busted out seven miles (11:11 pace) and felt so damn proud of how far I’ve come.

Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m training for a marathon! Three months ago I was barely running 2-3 miles a night and now I’m running seven miles on a weeknight and more than 13 miles on the weekends!

I saw this on social media last week and decided to save it to my phone as a good reminder.

We have more substance than numbers.

Happy Hump Day! As always, Wednesday are jammed-packed for me. I’ll pop back in tomorrow for more running and life talk and then Friday will be my usual favorites post! Have a wonderful day!

Something I need to work on — overeating

I love to run. I also love to eat.

While I know marathon training isn’t the time to lose weight, if we’re being honest, I thought I would lose at least 5-10 pounds while training. I mean I’m running more than ever, so I’m burning a ton of calories, right?

But my problem? I love Chick-fil-A. And doughnuts.
sweet tea

I’ll eat healthy for breakfast and lunch, then overeat at supper. Or the weekend will come and we’ll order pizza one night and go to a steakhouse the next.

I try not to keep a lot of unhealthy snacks in the house, but I can easily eat a bag of Sun Chips in one sitting.

I do love this post from FAnnetastic Food about intuitive eating + mindful eating. Now I just need to learn how to do it!

As someone who has struggled with my weight my entire life, it sucks to say I can run miles and miles but I’m still 15-20 pounds overweight. I want to fuel my body the best I can, but I also don’t want to restrict myself from the foods I love.
Balance is hard.Just know, you’re not alone. I love to run, but I love to eat. One day, I find a great balance that fits myself but also helps me be the best version of myself.