Weekend in the sun

Hi guys! Yesterday was so crazy, that I am just now getting to my weekend recap post today! I hope you all had a great Monday.

Now let’s recap the fun stuff.

Saturday was all about being outside! Murphy and I headed out early to get in a nice walk through the park. Granted, Murph wanted to chase all the squirrels and eat everything that was on the ground, it was nice and relaxing and I am so thankful to be off on weekends.
After we ran some errands, we stopped by my parent’s house and got in a quick two mile run around their neighborhood with my little brother. He leaves for college this fall and I can’t believe it. I’m such a proud big sister.
After our run, we cooled off, headed home and got ready to mow the yard. Well, Murphy watched me out the living room window, while I was outside sweating buckets. Oddly enough, I really don’t mind yard work. I love being outside, plus I got to work on my tan.
Sunday, Ryan and I took our friend Maddie to Holiday World! It’s the best theme park in the world (in my opinion) and I was so excited my west coast friend a place that was such a staple in my childhood.
We basically spent the entire day there riding rollercoasters, eating pizza and hanging out in the water park.
By the end of the day, our feet hurt, we were exhausted and so sunburnt. I crashed on the couch not 10 minutes after getting out of the shower.
Stayed tuned on Wednesday for a fun Global Running Day post!

The countdown is on

This is my last week of work before vacation. I AM SO PUMPED.

I am also finally not sick anymore! Thank goodness. I drank all my fruits and veggies this weekend and took all kinds of vitamins. 

On Saturday, Ryan has to work, so I hung out at my parents house. Nothing exciting, just lots of movies and cuddle time with Murph. Oh, and lots of Chinese food.

On Sunday, Ryan and I met two friends and went to Holiday World. We had two tickets we needed to use by the end of the season, so Sunday seemed like a good of time as any. The weather was perfect and the crowd was light so we did everything we wanted multiple times. After 6 hours of being outside in the sun and walking around, I was dog tired.


Sunday night was spent doing chores I neglected all weekend and watching The Office. I’m looking forward to getting back into a regular workout routine this week.

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?
Obviously, I’m looking forward to Friday and vacation, do you have anything exciting to look forward to this week?