Good reads from around the web

Sometimes the internet is a wonderful place. I’ve found lots of good articles this week on various topics on thought I would share them with you all.

A photo by William Iven.

Have you read anything good/interesting online lately? Leave me a link in the comments!

25 cheat sheets that make cooking healthier easier
How women are upping their protein game for more than just workouts.
Choosing the right breakfast to fuel your long run.

Inner Voice Life interview with Kara Goucher.
How to use social media during a race without falling on your face.
Girl Scout Cookie Workout.

Real talk from female track and field reporters on their experience covering the sport.
Powerful women explain how millennials are thinking about their careers all wrong


Friday Favorites v. 36

How are almost halfway through February? I swear time has been flying by lately! But that just means we are getting closer to warmer weather — yay!

I’m rounding up Friday Favorites, before plowing through my work day, workout and dinner. Then it’s time for rest and relaxation!

1. We had such nice weather this week! I’m talking temps in the 60s! *Well not every day, Thursday was freezing and super windy, before earlier in the week was wonderful!*

2. If you’re a big fan of The Office like me, then you’ll enjoy this. Earlier this week Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) tweeted this:

Chili’s official Twitter account tweeted a press release saying that after 11 years, Pam Beesley was welcome back to Chili’s. I love that some TV shows never die.

3. This quote really hit home this week. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m learning to trust the process and just put in the work and let the results come naturally.


4. This adorable pineapple serving bowl. Makes me think of summer!

5. I have had so much to do at this week, the last four days have basically flown by. I love being busy and I am so excited to see all of my work around town and in reader’s hands the next few weeks!


6. This place looks amazing! It’s like a ice cream shop, but with cookie dough that is completely safe to eat!
Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 8.59.59 AM.png

7. I finally feel like I’m getting in my groove with running? This sport (and training) can be so up and down. I’m hoping putting in all these miles pays off some day.

8. Someone likes to give me kisses after I get done running.


Trust the process

Last week running 3 miles was hard. While I was keeping about a 10 minute/mile pace, it was HARD. Like struggle bus city.

This week? Three miles has felt easy. I’ve either brought my pace down, or stayed around a 10 minute pace, but felt so much stronger.

Not running for months killed my endurance and my mental game. While I am so thankful to have a treadmill at home now where I can run every day, coming back has been no walk in the park.

I’m still working on my endurance and I’ve only had one four mile run this year. My mental game is so weak and since I’m at home and on a treadmill (where I can just stop and go in the house) I feel like I should be doing 10 other things rather than running.

I saw something on Facebook yesterday that really resonated with how I’ve been feeling personally, at work and with running — “you can either run the day or the let day run you.”

THAT IS SO TRUE. For me, it’s all about my mindset. If I come into work with a positive attitude, get to work and start knocking out my to-do list, then I feel so much better.

Once I get into the miles, I feel better (on like 10 different levels).

So while day-by-day it may not look like I am making much progress, in a month or six months or a year, I can look back and see how much it’s all changes. My miles will be faster, I will be stronger and I will be happy with the journey.

Trust the process. Put it in the work. Results will come.

Fitness goals for February

Writing my goals down always makes them seem more real, doesn’t it? With January coming to a close, I am ready to start February strong.

Coming back from the holidays, I got my rear in gear and started eating better and working out more. Now that I’m on track, I plan on working more on my fitness goals next month.

Miles With Meghann.jpg

What are your goals for the upcoming month?

You’re still a runner even if you have to walk

Here is something it took me a while to figure out a runner.


I’ve been a runner for almost a decade now. While I like to think I know a little bit about being a runner and how to train for a specific distance or prep for a race, I still have so much to learn.

My most recent takeaway from this sport? Is that it is okay to walk.

In the past (and even sometimes now, don’t get me wrong) I always felt like I wasn’t a true runner if I had to walk. Walking was a sign of weakness. A sign of defeat.

But now, I see walking as being smart. Pushing myself to the point of injury is not smart. Taking the time to slow down and evaluate myself and my fitness is the best thing I can do as a runner. Hell, if I am tired and need a lap/minute/block to recover and catch my breath in order to continue on, then I walk.

*louder for those in the back, please*


The more I run, the more I love my body. Not because it’s perfect, not because I’m fast, but because every damn mile that it took to get here (whether I was running or walking) proves to me that I am strong and capable of more than I ever thought was possible.

Running isn’t about being the best. It’s about being better than you used to be. Remember, there is magic in misery (thank you, Dean Karnazes).


Wednesday Ramblings

If you checked out the blog since yesterday morning, you might have noticed a little change — a new layout! While I’m undecided if this is what I want to go with moving forward, I like this more than my old theme. I love the white. Such a fresh start!

Yesterday I spent some time filling out my 2017 I HAVE DECIDED sheet from Lara Casey. (free printable here) I love being able to sit down and put pen to paper and write out my hopes and goal for the upcoming year.

After working on my goal sheets, I felt super motivated (don’t we all get super pumped about our goals at the beginning of the year and then a few weeks in get burnt out?) and I’m hoping to continue with that momentum. I ate pretty healthy yesterday (but I splurged on some homemade banana bread) and I did 30 minutes of a MH60 video.

Now I’m ready to get through today, go home and workout.

Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve blogged recently:
Indoor Total Body Workout
Living Room Workout

What is one of your goals for the new year?
What are your favorite at-home workouts?
Anything exciting happening on hump day?

Friday Favorites v. 26

Ryan started his new job today! After a lot of prayer and patience, we felt like this move was best for our family and future and I so excited and proud.

The only bad thing for right now is I don’t his schedule past today, so I’m hoping he has this weekend off so we can spend some time together.

But before the weekend begins, let’s talk Friday Favorites. Don’t forget! Let me know some of your favorites from this week in the comments below.

1. New clothes. With Black Friday deals extending past the weekend, I scored some cute tops this week at some super low prices. I realized Thursday morning when I was getting dressed that my closest seems to have a growing theme. I guess it’s a good thing red is my favorite color.

2. I saw this on Pinterest earlier this week, and thought it was too cute not to share.

3. Dog Loves Santa Toy So Much, Her Humans Took Her To See The Real Thing.

4. Buying presents for others. GUYS. My Christmas shopping is DONE. All of it. I am so pumped that I got a head start on it this year so I’m not running around like a crazy person at the last minute. If you still need something for any of your runner friends, check out my gift guide for ideas that are all under $100!

5. BLOGS. I read a lot of blogs, y’all. Some of my favorite running blogs I have been reading for 6+ years (looking at you, Meals and Miles & Daily Garnish). As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve started to read more lifestyle blogs. Here are some my fave blogs from lifestyle to running and everything in between, check them out! Whit Speaks, Somethin’ Southern, Em For MarvelousHungry Runner Girl, RUnladylike, Katelyn James Blog <– Love her series on her and husband building a new house, and

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Let me know! I’m always open to reading new things.

6.  Serena Williams SLAMMING inequality and gender discrimination in this open letter.

7. Anne from FANNEtastic Food launched this tank earlier this week. So cute!

8. Murphy has to be touching me or Ryan if we are in the same room with him. While it’s annoying sometimes, I know my time with him is not unlimited. So I’ll take all the puppy cuddles I can right now.