Shouldn’t it be easy to show others kindness? I know it can be hard, so I like seeing a reminder to just be nice and give some grace. Instead of getting mad while driving, I just remind myself I don’t know what the other person is going through and it’s going to do me any good to get mad.

So I hope you see this and are reminded to show some kindness today, tomorrow, this week — forever!


Five year anniversary trip

I’m mainly posting this for me to remember — so here it goes!

Last month Ryan and I celebrated FIVE years of marriage. It’s so crazy to me that it’s been five years since we got married and six years since we started dating. Time flies!

While we both have insanely busy work schedules (and I’m working three jobs) we knew wanted to get away for a couple days to celebrate us. Since Owensboro has super cheap flights to ST. Louis (one of our favorite cities) we thought now would be a good time to try them out!

Our tiiiiny plane. There were only five us including the pilot! A quick flight, but SO loud.

We stayed at the Four Seasons in STL and it was everything. I wanted to bottle up the smell of the hotel and take it home with me. It was that nice. We had treats waiting for us when we arrived and everything about our stay was enjoyable. My favorite part was the 90-minute massages we had booked at the Four Seasons Spa.

Our first night was super casual — we went for dinner and drinks, watched some baseball and went to the casino.

We got to watch the Cardinals win (our favorite thing to do!) and they advanced to the playoffs. So fun and exciting.

I’m thankful for our love and life together and can’t wait for many more years together.

Trying to beat the heat

It has been a scorcher in Kentucky lately! We’ve had an excessive heat warning out for days and it’s been brutal (I know many of you are in the same boat — so so hot!)

So while we’ve been trying to stay indoors as much as possible, we also love being outside so we’re trying to find ways to beat the heat, be active and be safe.

We found little pool for $15 at Aldi and snatched it up fast. We knew this would be perfect for the background and great for Murphy.

Since Murphy isn’t a fan of bath time it took some convincing for him to get in the pool. But once we got used to it he loved playing with his ball in the water and drinking from the hose.

We probably spent two hours outside in the backyard going back and forth from the pool to the patio to running around the yard. $15 well spent if you ask me!

We’ve also been waking up early to get in some long walks before it gets too hot outside. We did 4 miles on Saturday morning and it was so much! Murphy did find a snake at the end of the walk (HE ALWAYS FINDS THEM) but other than that it was pretty uneventful.

We’re supposed to get a little relief from the heat later this week — so that’s exciting! While I love summer, something about a nice breeze and temps in the 60s is always welcome.

Stopping by my college town

A couple weeks ago my husband and I were able to stop through our college town — Murray, Kentucky!

While we drive through there often (it’s on our way to Ryan’s hometown) we never get to stop and walk through campus. Since we had some time to kill, we decided to grab a bite to eat and see some of our favorite spots.

The shoe tree (pictured below) is one of my favorite traditions at MSU.

A tradition since the late 1960s, Racer “sole” mates who meet on campus hang their shoes on the Shoe Tree, which is said to bring them a lifetime of good luck.

We nailed our shoes to the tree in 2014 when we got married. It’s so fun to come back five years and see them still there! We brought Murphy to walk around campus and it was so hot but so fun to reminisce on our college days!

Here is Murphy on the back steps of Pogue Library! I spent a lot of hours in there studying and writing stories for the college newspaper.

It’s been a crazy life around here lately so blog content is few and far between, I know. But I’m so thankful for those of you who check-in and read! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @mileswithmeghann for more regular posting.

Murphy has his own IG account now (@murphythemuttmix) so give him a follow too if you like adorable pups.

Happy Friday Eve!

Sometimes you have to toot your own horn

At work the other day we had a meeting to talk about mid-year review. We discussed what’s worked, what hasn’t and what changes we want to make.

But before the meeting even started, my boss went around the room and said something positive he has noticed in each employee since the start of 2019. It was such a boost of confidence and really set the tone for the meeting.

I’m lucky to work for a place that encourages growth and goals.

He also said how great of a job, as a team, we had done over the last few years. He said sometimes we need to toot our own horn. 

It was like a lightbulb had gone off.

We should be damn proud of the work we do. Not only am I proud of what I do professionally, but I am proud of the work I am doing with running, in my marriage and with all my jobs.

So friends, don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Be proud of the work you do. Don’t wait for someone else to recognize your work — RECOGNIZE WHAT YOU DO FOR YOUR SELF.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk. Ha!

Other random tidbits from life lately.

I saw this on Instagram the other day and loved it –

Working in Music City

If you’ve followed for a while, you now my full-time job often gives me the chance to travel. So today I’m coming to you from Music City — aka NASHVILLE!

I’m here Wednesday – Saturday and I am pumped. Nashville is one of my favorite cities and I love being able to be back in the city where I ran my first marathon.

Also, check out the views from our cute AirBnB.

Since we’re in Music City, we encouraged all of our event attendees to wear band/musician shirts. I went for a classic — Dolly Parton. Love her.

We’re basically working 16 hour days while we are down here, so not a lot of time for running, but I am hoping to sneak in a couple miles at some point this week.

I hope you all have a great Thursday! Follow along for more on Instagram @mileswithmeghann.


My birthday was Tuesday and I’m now officially 27 years old (!!!)

I celebrated with the best coworkers, (after being summoned for jury selection that morning 🙄) had an awesome run and spent time with Murphy and Ryan — a pretty solid day.

I love birthdays and felt so much love last week. Now I’m relaxing on a Sunday night and I get to sleep in tomorrow. Yay for 3 day weekends!