The drought is over!


If you didn’t watch today’s race, you missed a hell of a good one. Not only did an American woman win the race, five of the top six finishers were from the USA!

More to come tomorrow. Right now I’m crying happy tears for Desi and our entire sport.


Happy Patriots Day!

It’s Marathon Monday! Good luck to all the runners today! I hope to one day run this iconic race. I’m also praying you all have better conditions than what they are calling for right now (Sunday night).

This race has so much history and I’ve enjoyed reading all about it in the weeks leading up to today. The Boston Marathon goes back to 1897 when it was called “The American Marathon,” and it’s still the marathon.

I am so pumped for this year’s race and all the American women who are contenders for the win. Shalane, Desi, Jordan, Molly, Deena, and Kellyn are all badasses and I can’t wait to see how they finish. While I think it would be awesome for an American woman to win, I’m secretly hoping can get the win and end her career in such an awesome way.

So good luck to you all — all 30,000 of you!

My favorite moments from the 2017 Boston Marathon

Well now that all of the excitement from the 2017 Boston Marathon is over, I thought I would share some of my favorite moments from yesterday.

• Des Linden took 4th for the women in 2:25:06.  I’m always rooting for her.  She just seems so down-to-earth and like such a hard worker.

• Kathrine Switzer, first woman to officially run Boston Marathon, competes again.

• There were three American men in the top 10!!!

• Jordan Hasay with the new American debut Marathon record! This was her first marathon! She also had a great post-race interview.

• Meb Keflezighi took 13th place and at 41 years old he finished in 2:17:00. He is the happiest person ever and I was definitely in tears when he crossed the finish line. He says that this will be his last competitive time running Boston. He was the 2014 winner of the Boston Marathon.

• When Edna Kiplagat (the women’s champ) accidentally grabbed the wrong water bottle she took it back to the water table and then went on to get her water bottle at the next table. What great sportsmanship!

What were some of your favorite moments from yesterday’s race?!

Marathon Monday

Happy Patriots Day, everyone! Today is Marathon Monday aka the day of the Boston Marathon. 

I’m so excited to watch such an elite group of Americans run this historic race. I’m really hoping Meb and Desi can sweep this race for an American win across the board.

To everyone running – good luck! I hope to one day be in your shoes. 

📷 from @bostonmarathon