Weekend shenanigans 

This weekend was the perfect mix of relaxation and social events.

Friday night was takeout and movies — my favorite way to start the weekend! Since getting married, I much prefer to stay in with Ryan and Murphy rather than go out to the bars.

Sticking with my routine, Saturday was for my long run. Still reminding myself to put in the work and trust the process. 

My brother and I finished up some yard work in preparation for our Adult Easter Party. I love a freshly mowed yard – I just don’t love all the work that comes with it. 

I stuffed roughly 100 eggs with candy and other goodies on Saturday afternoon. Who says just because you’re grown up that you can’t have fun?!

Our egg hunt on Sunday was intense and even though I ran Sunday morning, I’m pretty sure I got more of a workout sprinting across the yard trying to beat people to eggs. 

Our Adult Easter Party involved two egg hunts, egg roulette (some were hard boiled, some were raw. videos were hilarious), an egg toss and a ton of good food and drinks. 

After a full day of helping us look for eggs, trying to eat everything in sight and running around the yard like crazy, Murphy was wore out.

Now it’s back to work. I feel recharged and ready to tackle anything that comes at me after such a fun weekend.

What did you do this weekend?

What fills your well

You know how some days it takes you a little while to get going in the morning? That was me yesterday morning. I was just not feelin’ Monday.

Look at this handsome boy. He went to the vet on Monday for his yearly checkup and to get his nails trimmed. I love this pup so much. #crazydogmom

Yesterday it seemed like everyone I needed was out of the office, so I had to rearrange my schedule and work on some projects that don’t publish until December. Oh well. Any work accomplished is good. I love my job, but I still find the need to refresh, take a step back and evaluate my work from time to time. It’s easy to get lost in routine, so with each new project I try to find its purpose and my job to get it from start to finish. It feels good to produce something that people across my community read and use daily/weekly/monthly.

I decided to skip my run since Ryan was off and I jetted home to be with him and Murphy. I rather spend quality time with my people and run tomorrow while Ryan is at work. I feel like the older I get, the more I realize how important it is for me to spend time with those who matter the most. Ryan and I sometimes do an at-home workout and those are always more fun than running alone.

I keep seeing this quote from Emily Ley and it resonates with me so much.

So I’m trying to be more purposeful when choosing how I spend my time.

The weather looks perfect all week for running so I’m hoping to bust out 4 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Dinner was a salad and wine while watching The Big Bang Theory. Cheers to the end of another Monday!


Question of the day: What fills your well?