A quick life update

So. Hi guys! Long time, no talk?

Life has been BUSY since I finished my marathon a little over a week ago. We were supposed to close on our house on Friday, but some paperwork got delayed so hopefully we will wrap everything up in the next few days. Since Ryan was off all weekend (and that basically never happens) we + our families helped up move everything out of the house and into storage.

HOLY MOLY I AM SO SORE. Moving is no joke. In the almost four years we’ve been married, this will be our fourth move. I swear, every time we get rid of stuff, but then when we move it seems like we have so much. Ugh. Oh well, hopefully when our new house gets finished we will be settled for a while.

As far as running goes, I ran once last week. ONCE. Oops. While I think my body (and honestly, my mind) needed the break, I am ready to get back on the roads. Hopefully this week I can run outside a few times!

I’m also wanting to try some boutique-style classes now that I’m not in training, but we don’t have a lot of options in my hometown, so we’ll see what happens.

And lastly, to end this random post I thought I would share my new favorite summer drink. I randomly picked this up at Kroger over the weekend and it so good and refreshing!

I’ll be back later this week with some running posts and maybe even a summer running style guide? Have a great week, friends!


Friday Favorites v.96

When is going to feel like Spring?! It’s like we got two days of nice weather and it’s back to being cold, rainy and even a chance a snow. Ugh. By now, we’re usually in the 70s. Our yard looks like a jungle, but we can’t mow because it keeps raining/snowing. Also. I just want to run outside in shorts.

Okay, okay. Pity-party = over. Let’s talk favorites!

1. 5-minute full-body HIIT workout. Since I’ve been traveling a lot lately, simple workouts like this are a must. The basics work, people. A workout doesn’t have to require machines, lots of fancy moves or even a lot of space. Just get to moving and break a sweat.

2. Shalane Flanagan has some unfinished business to attend to on April 16.

3. Did you catch this from Sunday? Brooks expertly owns April Fools’ with “release” of a voice-enabled running shoe.

4. Baseball is back! Opening day was yesterday at Busch Stadium and I can’t wait to be back in one of my favorite cities watching the Cardinals play.

5. My bracket won in the office pool!

6. Ordered these meal prep containers on Tuesday and got them yesterday! Ryan and I are both committed to cutting our grocery bill and cut back on eating out — so meal planning to the rescue! This was our first week and I’m so excited to have some more containers to pack our meals. If you have easy and tasty lunch ideas that can be prepped ahead of time, let me know in the comments below!

7. I’m rounding up a different type of favorites post for next week! It’s an entire post dedicated to the products, apparel, and services that have gotten me through marathon training.

8. Playing in the grass before our yard started looking like a jungle. After playtime, someone also got a much-needed bath this week.

This post is not sponsored and is just a list of my favorite things from this week. 

Friday Favorites v.94

Happy Friday, friends! This was my last full week of work before I head to Miami on Tuesday for a work event. So while I’ll still be working Monday – Friday, it’ll be nice to be in the sunshine state instead of in cold and dreary Kentucky.

How is the weather where you are? It snowed here on our first day of Spring. *groans* I am ready to sunshine (and to run outside every day).

1. I’m thinking of making these my new everyday shoe?
Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 7.45.34 PM.png

2. Since I work in the newspaper/media/designer world, this was super interesting to me. Fonts are so cool.

3. March Madness! I am so glad for the return of basketball last night even though my beloved Kentucky Wildcats lost.

4. I tried a new coffee shop in town this week called The Spot and I am in love! It’s a quirky place that really epitomizes the shop local culture. Plus their blended espressos were the bomb.com.   

5. Why U.S. women marathoners are having a moment.

6. No-bake cookies. I used to only get these in elementary school, but a local bakery has been making them lately and I am hooked.

7. I’m getting a pedicure after work today! These runner’s feet need some lovin’,

8. Cute, sleeping pupper.

Friday Favorites v.88

Anyone else have those weeks that are just so mentally draining? This week was one of them for me. Stress from work and not great runs had me a little bummed, but I’m trying to stay positive and take it a day at a time.

So let’s talk positive! Let me know a favorite thing, story, or memory from this week.

1. Julie’s most-used kitchen items post from Thursday. I have some of the items, but now I’m looking into the soap-dispensing brush.

2. I found a great discount code on ProCompression’s Facebook page and got FIVE pairs of their compression socks for only $100. I can’t wait for them to arrive! Fingers crossed they come in by tomorrow afternoon so I can wear them after my 13-mile run. 
3. Did you see my post from earlier this week about the Run Rock N Roll improvements? So many great, new changes are coming to the race series and I am so excited to run RnR Nashville in April!

4. It was Spotlight week in my intro to media writing class!

5. The Doritos commercial from Sunday’s SuperBowl. Which commercial was your favorite this year? I feel like they were all pretty mild and not super interesting.

6. 5 Instagram-worthy dessert bars.

7. I’m pretty I’ve mentioned this in a Friday Favorites post before, but tomato basil soup from Great Harvest is my absolute FAV in the winter time. I could drink it (yes, I drink my soup) every day.

8. Murphy loves to sunbathe.

Friday Favorites v.87

Happy Friday from snowy Kentucky! Snow blanketed our area again yesterday afternoon and it’s so neat waking up to a fresh start!

1. On Wednesday I got to eat sushi with my dad as a belated birthday lunch. We are the only ones in the family who like sushi, so it’s a special treat to go out together.

2. Julie’s maple cinnamon whipped cream. This would go perfectly with the blueberry banana french toast recipe I shared on Wednesday!

3. Which running playlist are you? Run Rock N Roll put together a fun quiz to find your new favorite playlist.

4. Forget about setting goals. Focus on this instead. 

5. Saw this quote on Facebook earlier this week and I LOVE it. img_3676.jpg

6. My post from yesterday with some great ideas for running gifts for your valentine.

7. Taking a vacation day to spend Ryan’s birthday at home with him! Tomorrow we are celebrating by bowling with friends. I’m so excited! I love celebrating birthdays.

8. Murphy loving his toys is my favorite. Except now Gordo (the Gorilla) doesn’t look quite as plump nowadays.

Friday Favorites v.86

This was an emotionally draining week for me. The school shooting in Kentucky on Tuesday really hit home with me and I couldn’t help but think about my former community and my friends back in Marshall.

The good news is my runs were all spent praying and thinking about others. Running has always been a great stress reliever for me and this week was no different. Tomorrow I get to run 10 miles — my first double-digit run of this training cycle.

But let’s talk about the great things from this week!

1. Partying with my favorite twins on Sunday. My college roommate and I have been friends since we were four-year-old. Now we’re 25 and figuring out adulthood together. On Sunday we got to celebrate her twin boy’s first birthday!

2. Joining the #BadAssLadyGang on Facebook. These women are inspiring as hell and I can’t wait to continue my running journey with these ladies in mind. Thanks Kelly for making this happen and bringing women together.

3. Kentucky Strong tee. Shop Local KY created this shirt in Marshall County High School’s colors. 100% of the proceeds from this shirt will go to the Marshall Strong Fund and the victim’s families.

4. The fact that I found this at my parent’s house on Wednesday. It’s a Murphy-only jar of peanut butter. They really want grandkids (not happening anytime soon) but I think they love their grand-pup more than they care to admit 😉

5. Holy moly, this girl is FAST.  Katelyn Tuohy’s latest record is amazing. Here’s why.

6. Our hotel is officially booked for RnR Nashville!

7. A-Rod having a hitting content with a toddler on Jimmy Fallon. So adorable! Ryan and I love baseball and this kid is just too cute.

8. My Murph-dog. Always playing in the garage while I run on the treadmill. I can’t wait until we can hit the trails together!

Friday Favorites v.84

Happy cold Friday from Kentucky! We have ice here and snow is expected to come this afternoon. BRRR!

Tomorrow morning is my last run with my little brother before he heads back to college for the spring semester. It’s been so nice to have company during my long runs and I can’t wait for him to be over the summer. He’s planning on training for a spring half marathon! I think my running bug got passed on to him.

Okay. Let’s talk favorites!

1. Did you all see that Allie Kieffer signed with Oiselle?! I am so excited for her.

2. These beauties!
3. I am all for efficiency. Anne’s make-ahead veggie egg sandwiches are super simple and easy to make. If you need a breakfast idea for next week, I suggest this recipe!

4. Connecting with you all on Instagram! I’ve had so much fun messaging you all and getting feedback from you all on Instagram. If you’re not already following me, do so (@mileswithmeghann)! I share lots of behind the scenes of my life and my real struggles and triumph with marathon training.

5. I’ve been drinking all the soup this week. While we had a couple warm days, it’s back to being freezing cold outside so I’ve treated myself to Great Harvest’s tomato bisque soup twice this week.

6. Target has the most adorable Valentine’s Day decorations in their dollar section! I picked up a few notepads for my desk and I love seeing all the pink and purple — it instantly brightens my mood!

7. BITMOJI. Ryan and I are SO late to this party, but we have been loving sending them back and forth for several weeks now.

8. #NeedASnack Still one of my favorite shirts for Murphy.

Friday Favorites v.83

Happy Friday, guys! It’s been a cold week, but thankfully it’s supposed to warm up over the weekend (to like the mid-30s). Usually, on short weeks, the days seem to drag on, but this week flew by.

I’ll recap week one of marathon training on Monday! I have an 8-mile run scheduled for tomorrow morning and I’m hoping to make it to a local trail instead of running on my treadmill.

This week was a good one! Let’s recap some favorites 🙂

1. My love for eggs comes and goes and right now I am all for them. I think I ate fried eggs on my sandwiches almost every day this week for lunch.

2. Aldi’s almond butter. I love Aldi for their prices and selection — not only do they have the basics (meat, bread, eggs, produce) but they have some healthy picks too! I picked up a jar of almond butter last week and I have eaten some almost every day this week for breakfast or as a snack.
The benefits of almond butter vs. peanut butter (even though I love them both!)

3. My biggest work project of 2017 launched on Thursday and I got so many positive comments on it! It was the perfect way to end the week and I am so proud of the work me and my team put in to make this magazine awesome.

4. I sent this screenshot to husband earlier this week. Can’t wait to buy this Sarah Marie Design Studio sweatshirt.

5. Last weekend I got a new pair of shoes to kick off marathon training. I decided to go with the Glycerin 15s instead of the Ghosts (a shoe I have loved for years) for more support and cushioning. I’m thinking about dedicating an entire post to these shoes because I am so in love with them.

I highlighted these socks in an Instastory on Monday but thought I would share them over here too.

7. Did you all see my post from earlier in the week on virtual races? I’m still a little on the fence about them, but I take my chances later in the year and sign up for one.

8. Sun-bathing diva.

Friday Favorites v.82

The last Friday of the year — woah. It’s been a weird week and I’m honestly glad it’s over. Super cold temps, a sick husband and a mountain work made this short week anything but easy.

But I’m headed into 2018 with a happy heart and some BIG goals.

So let’s wrap up this week with some Friday Favorites.

1. My treadmill runs have surprisingly been a favorite this week. They have been my “me time” and a way for me to decompress from the day. Win-win!

2. Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 training program.

3. A fun journalism link I found earlier this week. Here’s the best stuff Bloomberg didn’t write this year.

4. Lots of Kentucky sports are happening today, so I’m repping by blue and white! UK and Louisville tip off this afternoon and UK’s bowl game is today. C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS!

5. Sushi! I’ve had it twice this week. I’m pretty sure I could eat it every day if given the option.

6. I got my first look at the 2018 RnR Nashville marathon/half marathon participant shirts. I am so excited! Four months from today!

7. I won’t quit, but I might cuss the whole time tank. Thanks to Run, Travel Dream, I found where to buy it in her T-shirt Tuesday post.

8. Murphy has been such a good pup all week. Ryan has been home sick since Wednesday and every day I get a report of how good Murphy was during the day. I’m pretty sure puppy cuddles can cure anything. 

Friday Favorites v.81

Merry Christmas weekend! I’m working for a few hours today and then it’s off for three days to enjoy the holiday, family time and lots of good food.

But first! Here are this week’s Friday Favorites.

1. Ryan’s parents are in town! I am so excited to spend time with both of our families this Christmas! I hope you all get the chance to spend some quality time with those you love this weekend!

2. ‘Harry Potter’ workout clothes exist & being a muggle has never felt so stylish.

3. Candy canes for supper because #Christmas.

4. All of the Christmas cards we received in the mail over the last week or so! I love getting snail mail and I really enjoy getting Christmas cards from friends and family.

5. Why do a half marathon? Here are 6 reasons to run.

6. Only the best candy ever. My mom has the mini cups and the Christmas trees at her house. Every time I go over there, I sneak a few. 

7. The ElfYourself videos. Every year I just think they are the funniest thing. Makes your own here.

8. This poor pup had to go to the vet on Monday because he chased a squirrel and hurt his paw. Literally, every day is an adventure. He was so cute and extra snuggly this week since he wasn’t feeling the best.