I’ve registered for my first postpartum race!

Six months into parenthood and A LOT has happened/changed since Emery came into this world. It’s a fun and exhausting time and I love being a momma.

Running has been a big part of my life for years and will hopefully continue to be for a long time.

So earlier this week, I registered for my first post partum race — the Wendell Foster Half Marathon. It’s in my hometown (and current town) and supports a great organization (I actually volunteered there when Ryan and I first moved back to Owensboro!). It’s in November so I have a lot of time to prepare (thank goodness!) But I am so excited to have a race on the calendar.

Half Marathon - November 13, 2021

While I’m just running for my sanity right now, I can’t wait to start training soon!

Do you have any races scheduled for 2021?

Happy Global Running Day

Happy #GlobalRunningDay! Here I am after my first marathon! (#RnRNashville) One of my proudest running accomplishments and something I never thought would happen.

Running teaches me more about myself with every mile. I’ve been running for more than 10 years and I can say it’s honestly changed my life. #runhappy 💕

Even when a run sucks at least I get to spend time outside

Today’s run wasn’t the best — but I got outside and did something. It felt great to knock out some miles before 7 a.m.! And honestly, who cares if I didn’t run as fast as I wanted? I’m not training for anything right now, life is crazy and the fact that I got out the door with my running shoes on is an accomplishment in itself.

So if you got outside today — be proud!

Scenes from today’s run:

Owensboro’s International Bar-B-Q Festival 5k and food recap

On Saturday, I ran my first race of 2019! Every year my hometown has an International Bar-B-q Festival and it’s two days of food, live music, mutton eating contests and so much fun! This is my second time running the 5k race (my first was back in 2010!) and it was so much fun to be around the local running community. So many people come out for the race and the energy was off the charts (even on a chilly Saturday morning!)

The course is super simple and just makes a big loop through downtown Owensboro. While there is basically no crowd support, there are so many runners that you are never alone.

I’m actually pretty happy with my time. Lately, I’ve been running around 11-11:30 pace but I knew being around people and being outside would be a little faster. The first quarter mile was a lot of weaving in and out of the crowds and I had to walk once for 15-20 seconds to adjust my ponytail.

After the race, I came home to finish up some work and shower before heading back down to the festival with my brother to get some lunch. We had lots of samples, but finally decided on a mutton sandwich, lemonade shakeup and some fried cookie dough (so rich, but so good!)

The only crazy thing my brother wanted to try was the deep fried cookie dough. We have all of these insane fried festival food booths every year and I never give in (mainly because most of it sounds disgusting) but decided what the heck and we split the dish. Best choice ever! It was so good! 10/10 will get next year.

Does your town have any crazy festivals/celebrations?! I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

Don’t be afraid to join a run group!

Guys! Last week I ran with a local running group! This group meets once a week at our local running store and heads out for 3-5 miles with different paces and goals.

Even though I had run with this group in the past (like two years ago) I was still nervous to jump back out there and do it again. I’m so glad I ignored the nerves though because it was so much fun!

I ran four miles at a 10:!5 pace which is the furthest and fastest I’ve run in a long time. I was so thankful to have running buddies beside me. We even ended the run with the most magical snow falling from the sky. It was a perfect night.

I can’t wait to go back this week!

(I’m on the far right in orange!)

Also — safety first when running at night!

So long story short — don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You never know what good can come from it!

Feel free to ask me any questions about running with a group or how to get involved!

Recent favorites from Brooks Running

NOT SPONSORED. Y’all know I just love Brooks as a company and their apparel + shoes. I’ve rounded up some my recent favorites. Enjoy and let me know what you’re loving lately.

I’ve been eyeing this canopy nightlife jacket since Boston when Des won the race wearing it. It’s $160, but I’m hoping it’ll be on sale around Black Friday and I snag it for a little less.
Image result for des boston jacket
I got this Dash 1/2 Zip at the RNR Nashville Expo and it’s probably my favorite piece of apparel. It’s so soft, the best color, I love the thumb holes and mine is embroidered with Nashville 26.2. It’s on sale for more than $20 off right now!

Run Freaky short sleeve shirt. Sometimes I like to buy the men’s versions of shirts (I don’t always want something fitted! Baggy tee’s for the win). This one is great for October/Halloween!

I really want these for my everyday shoes. I love this color!

You can never have too many sports bra (especially high-quality ones like these!)

Share with me your favorite running apparel! I can’t wait to pick up a few more pieces as the weather gets cooler. Happy Wednesday!

Focus on the good runs instead of the bad

Last week I freaking killed my runs. Maybe it was the cooler temps or maybe I was just kicking ass, but my pace was the lowest it had been in MONTHS.

And then this week I was back up to running 11:10-30. Womp, womp. It was no fun to see my splits and my honestly I was a little mad.

But why should I be focusing on the bad runs, when I should be focusing on the good ones?! I obviously know I can run faster — just some days it works out my way, and some days it doesn’t.

Image result for des linden just keep showing up

Missing high school XC a little this week

One of my favorite parts of being a journalist is being invested in my community. Last night I was helping my husband (who is a sports journalist) by covering a local high school cross country meet. He knows nothing about XC and I ran in high school, so it was an easy decision who should be writing about running 😉

The race was at one of our local courses in town and one that I spent so much time at during high school. We practiced here, we raced here and my senior year, we were regional runner-ups at this course.

It holds a special place in my heart.

Seeing so many old friends, coaches and people in the running community who I’ve known for years was so fun. I was so proud of all the kids who were out there racing.

It made me miss a little sad and longing for my old high school team — but only for a minute. I’ve grown so much as a person and a runner since my time in high school and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

I can’t wait to cover more races this season and give these runners some coverage they deserve. I know how hard it is to race every weekend and I think their accomplishments should be shared with the community.

I also got to introduce my photographer to the sport I love, which was fun. If any of you all have any questions about cross country, distance running or running in general, let me know! Shoot me an email, I’d love to hear from you. mileswithmeghann@gmail.com