RNR Nashville Marathon Training — Week 2

Week two of marathon training is done! The theme for this week’s training was knee pain and how to remedy that situation FAST (but effectively).

I’ve had some knee pain before after running (what runner hasn’t?!) but the pain after last Saturday’s 8-miler lingered around too long for my liking. It even hurt to go up and down the stairs at work.

So Tuesday’s three-miler on the treadmill was super slow — just trying to see if the pain would go away or how bad it hurt if I pushed through and kept running. 

Wednesday morning I wore my old knee brace for 5 treadmill miles and it seemed to help, but there was still some pain when I rain. That night I made sure to ice my knee, stretch and foam roll really good to try and work out any stiffness and pain I had.

On Thursday I visited our local running store and bought KT tape. I was really wanting to find a solution before my nine-miler on Saturday. Thankfully between icing my knee and wearing my brace + KT tape, I found a solution!

I RAN NINE TREADMILL MILES ON SATURDAY WITH NO PAIN. We got about 4-5 inches of snow on Friday so getting out of the house on Saturday was basically impossible (I live in the country and our roads are still covered).

This was how I felt after running nine miles, staring at my garage wall, with no pain.

I’m excited to have another week under my belt. I’ve slowly been changing my nutrition and adding in some strength workouts as I go along. Here’s to me being my best self in 2018!

Also. Huge shout out to everyone who ran RnR Arizona this weekend.

How was your run this weekend?
Have you ever tried KT tape? Thoughts?



I AM SO EXCITED. I bounced out of bed this morning knowing that I was going to mark off day one of my training.

I am trying to take it day-by-day (because let’s be real, the thought of running 26 miles IN A ROW scares the shit out of me).

I’ve mentioned it before, but I am following Hal Higdon’s 18-week novice two training plan.

The plan is designed for people with some background as runners, (whether or not they have run a marathon before).

The plan encourages you to have been running for about a year — and be able to comfortably run distances between 3 and 6 miles. It also says that you should have run an occasional 5-K or half marathon race. Obviously, the higher your fitness level, the easier this 18-week program will be.

Here is what week one looks like:
Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 6.47.54 PM

Anyone else start training soon? Let’s do this together! Email me at mileswithmeghann@gmail.com for accountability and motivation. You don’t have to conquer your dreams alone.

As Shalane Flanagan said after winning New York“I like working with other women. I find that I enjoy what I do more when I work with other people. The solo pursuit of excellence, it’s hard to do it alone. It wasn’t a conscious decision to be a leader. It just naturally happened. I want to keep including more and more women because I thoroughly enjoy it.”


Yes, all caps was necessary. I AM REGISTERED FOR MY FIRST MARATHON.
Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 8.19.05 AM

GUYS IT’S REAL! I am registered for Rock N Roll Nashville.
Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 7.27.46 AM.png
Training officially starts next week! Follow along on here (and Instagram!) for my training, what I’m eating and everything that comes with training for a marathon. I can’t wait for this journey. Running a marathon has been a bucket list item for years now, and I can’t believe it’s finally happening.

Thank you, Run Rock N Roll for helping me accomplish a dream. (Thanks for the tourpass, too!)

Treadmill motivation

I’ve talked about this before — treadmill running is not always my favorite thing.

Come hell or high water: treadmill running.
Quote to get me through.
My mental game on the treadmill is struggling.

But I have goals and times to achieve and I am not going to reach them by not running. So I’ve come up with a few ways to make treadmill running less painful and boring.

I don’t care if it’s one mile or one hour, having an end goal makes my time of the treadmill more bearable. The number one thing that puts a spring in my step and gets me on the treadmill is knowing I have a race on the calendar.

Some days I do a workout where I am constantly hopping on and off the ‘mill. Run an 800//do some arm weights. Run another 800//do some squats. It keeps me (and my mind) active and not constantly thinking about how much further I have to go.


I know this one is kind of the opposite of motivating you to run on a treadmill, but let’s be real — logging miles day in and day out on a treadmill can get tiring. If you’re able, get outside and enjoy the fresh air every now and then. Your treadmill will still be there waiting when you get done.

I’m thankful to have a treadmill in my garage. My runs almost always happen at night, after work and in the dark. Since I’m a pretty frugal person (and we live out in the country in the middle of nowhere) a gym membership just doesn’t make sense. Without the treadmill, I basically wouldn’t be able to run in the winter except on weekends. So it definitely has its advantages.

AND it’s not always bad. Some of my best runs have been on a treadmill. Crank a killer playlist or watch your favorite show and get to running! YOU have to be the one to make it enjoyable. If you hop on the treadmill with negative thoughts then, of course, it is going to affect your run.

Rant over? HaHa. But seriously, run where you can, when you can. Make it fun and get in those miles.

Happy hump day!

Prepping for marathon training

I am less than three weeks away from the start of marathon training! I’m excited, nervous, ready to get started and a little terrified. I can’t believe I am actually doing this! Have a race date on the calendar makes it seem so much more real!

Looking toward the race right now, I only have two goals in mind. 

Goal 1: TO FINISH! I am not really going into this with any time expectations (except to finish in the required six-hour time limit)
Goal 2: That being said, I would like to finish in less than five hours, but once again, it’s my first marathon! I’m more focused on finishing, having a fun race and running strong.

* I love this handy pace chart I got out of a Runner’s World magazine years ago.

Honestly, thinking about finishing a marathon gives me chills and makes me so emotional. I am ready to put in the work and accomplish something that has been on my bucket list for years now.

If you have any tips or advice I would love to hear from you! I’ve trained for three half marathons, but I know preparing for a full marathon is a whole different beast.

Rock N Roll marathon series – 24 hour sale!

Happy Thursday! Today started off super early (like 4 a.m. early) due to having a sick husband. Not the best way to start my day, but thankfully he is off work today, so he can stay home and get lots of rest.

Before I dig into some work, I wanted to remind you all of a super awesome sale RnR is having.

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the Rock ‘n Roll Nashville 2018 race as part of being a member of the Rock N Blog team. All opinions are my own.

Guys if you are thinking about signing up for a Rock N Roll Race for 2018, TODAY IS THE DAY. They are having a 24-hour sale for TODAY ONLY and these prices are crazy!

*Like $40-off-the-Nashville-marathon crazy* Come run with me!

I’m definitely running Nashville and since the STL race is canceled, I might try and make it to Chicago.

What RnR races are you running? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram @mileswithmeghann.

Recipe for a good run

The first step into my run last night and I knew it was going to be a good one. I cranked out three miles and started supper before my husband got home from work. BOOM. I felt like superwoman.

Anyways. Back to my run.

My entire day set me up to have a good run.

I left work in SUCH A GOOD MOOD. Waking up to the Rock N Blog email made my entire week, so obviously I was happy for the rest of the day.

Work went by in a flash and I wrapped up several end-of-the-year projects.

Once I left work, I was so excited to get home and hop on the treadmill. YOU KNOW you’re going to have a good run when you are excited about treadmill miles.

This song. On repeat. Forever and ever.

What helps you have a good run?

Rock N Blog 2018

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GUYS GUYS GUYS. I am a part of the 2018 Rock N Blog team! For me and this little-blog-that-could this is a huge deal.


This space has been a way for me to vent about running, keep up with my progress and a way for me to connect with others runners. I am so hyped to be a part of this team. Getting the email announcement this morning made my week.

I’m hoping this means RnR Nashville will be my first marathon?! Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned here and on Instagram (@mileswithmeghann) for discounts, Run Rock and Roll news and more!

About the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series
With more than 600,000 runners taking part in 29 destination events around the world every year, more runners choose the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series than any other running series. Established in 1998, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series’ simple idea of making running fun has transformed the U.S. running landscape by infusing the course with live bands, cheer teams
and entertaining water stations, creating a block-party atmosphere for participants and spectators alike.