RNR Nashville Marathon Training — Week 3

This was my hardest week mentally. Treadmill runs, especially long ones, are HARD on my mind. Thankfully the snow is melting, so I’m hoping for a few outside runs later this week!


My nutrition was also all over the place too, but on Saturday Ryan and I made a meal plan for the week and went grocery shopping. So I’m hoping this week is better!

Here’s a look at week three of my training — 19 miles total.
Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 6.48.13 PM.png

Next week I have my first double-digit run of this training cycle!

97 days until RnR Nashville!

How was your week?


RNR Nashville Marathon Training — Week 2

Week two of marathon training is done! The theme for this week’s training was knee pain and how to remedy that situation FAST (but effectively).

I’ve had some knee pain before after running (what runner hasn’t?!) but the pain after last Saturday’s 8-miler lingered around too long for my liking. It even hurt to go up and down the stairs at work.

So Tuesday’s three-miler on the treadmill was super slow — just trying to see if the pain would go away or how bad it hurt if I pushed through and kept running. 

Wednesday morning I wore my old knee brace for 5 treadmill miles and it seemed to help, but there was still some pain when I rain. That night I made sure to ice my knee, stretch and foam roll really good to try and work out any stiffness and pain I had.

On Thursday I visited our local running store and bought KT tape. I was really wanting to find a solution before my nine-miler on Saturday. Thankfully between icing my knee and wearing my brace + KT tape, I found a solution!

I RAN NINE TREADMILL MILES ON SATURDAY WITH NO PAIN. We got about 4-5 inches of snow on Friday so getting out of the house on Saturday was basically impossible (I live in the country and our roads are still covered).

This was how I felt after running nine miles, staring at my garage wall, with no pain.

I’m excited to have another week under my belt. I’ve slowly been changing my nutrition and adding in some strength workouts as I go along. Here’s to me being my best self in 2018!

Also. Huge shout out to everyone who ran RnR Arizona this weekend.

How was your run this weekend?
Have you ever tried KT tape? Thoughts?

RNR Nashville Marathon Training — Week 1

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For those of you don’t already know, my first crazy goal of 2018 is to run a marathon! I’m registered for Rock N Roll Nashville on April 28 and I am so excited (and a little terrified!)

This has been a bucket list item for a while and I can’t believe it’s actually happening. Training just started and I’m so focused on making this my best running year yet. All the thanks in the world goes to my amazing husband for supporting all of my dreams.

Overall, it was a great week and I’m so excited to improve my times and increase my distance.

Here’s a look at week one of my training — 18.5 miles total.
Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 8.32.20 AM.png

I didn’t miss any runs and only had to cut one run a liiiitle short. Wednesday’s run was supposed to be 5 miles, but my legs were not having it. It was so cold and I never seemed to settle into a pace.

My 8-miler on Saturday was my longest run since 2016! It was slow and super cold, but I was so happy to be outside not on the treadmill.

Other than that, there isn’t too much to report for week one. My knees hurt a little after Saturday’s run and I’m more sore than usual, but that’s nothing that a foam roller can’t fix.

One week down, 15 more to go!

Virtual races

Today I want to know what your thoughts are on virtual runs AND the best website to use when registering for them. Have you ever participated in a virtual race?! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

I’ve found a few sites here, here and here with lots of virtual races and varying distances, but I want to make sure they are legit!

I’ve seen them pop up more and more on social media and the idea seems intriguing. I like that you can run when and where you want + still get swag! A virtual race also sounds like a good way to stay motivated while training or if you don’t have a lot of races nearby (looking at you, small-town runners!)


WHAT IS A VIRTUAL RACE? A virtual race is a race that can be run or walked from any location you choose. You can run on the road, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym or on the track. You get to run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself. You often get a medal + other swag and can complete any number of distances.

I’m looking to sign up for one or two virtual races later in the year, (especially a 10k since that a distance we don’t really have near where I live) but wanted some opinions from runners who have done them. Thanks in advance, friends!


I AM SO EXCITED. I bounced out of bed this morning knowing that I was going to mark off day one of my training.

I am trying to take it day-by-day (because let’s be real, the thought of running 26 miles IN A ROW scares the shit out of me).

I’ve mentioned it before, but I am following Hal Higdon’s 18-week novice two training plan.

The plan is designed for people with some background as runners, (whether or not they have run a marathon before).

The plan encourages you to have been running for about a year — and be able to comfortably run distances between 3 and 6 miles. It also says that you should have run an occasional 5-K or half marathon race. Obviously, the higher your fitness level, the easier this 18-week program will be.

Here is what week one looks like:
Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 6.47.54 PM

Anyone else start training soon? Let’s do this together! Email me at mileswithmeghann@gmail.com for accountability and motivation. You don’t have to conquer your dreams alone.

As Shalane Flanagan said after winning New York“I like working with other women. I find that I enjoy what I do more when I work with other people. The solo pursuit of excellence, it’s hard to do it alone. It wasn’t a conscious decision to be a leader. It just naturally happened. I want to keep including more and more women because I thoroughly enjoy it.”

My approach on running through the holidays

Do you know how much more motivated I am to run now that I have a race on my calendar? While I know the “honeymoon” phase will (probably) wear off, right now I am happily jumping on the treadmill and cranking out the miles.

But with Christmas quickly approaching, I know I won’t be running every day — and that’s okay! My in-laws are coming to Kentucky for almost a full week and I am so excited for all the holiday events we have planned (looking at Christmas lights, watching Christmas movies, etc)

I am taking a relaxed approach to running through the Christmas season. While my health is a priority, so is my family. So I encourage you all to not stress about missing a run or eating an extra slice of Christmas dessert in the next few weeks.

I am so thankful I get to run and that I have enough food on my table to have second helpings. Just remember others aren’t so lucky.


Friday Favorites v.80

MY LAST FULL WEEK OF WORK (I’m planning on leaving a little early next Friday.)
I made it. We made it, friends. Let’s celebrate the weekend. Even though I have lots to do in order to get ready for family that is arriving next week, I am excited to get out and about this weekend.

So…Friday Favorites? Let’s do this.

1.  My number one favorite from this week is the Rock N Blog announcement! I am still so pumped to work with Run Rock n Roll and for my first marathon — RnR Nashville.

2. My company Christmas party is tonight! Bowling and free fried chicken. Maybe not the fanciest party, but it’s always a good time. Last year I won a coffee mug!

3. This was an impulse purchase at Kroger Wednesday morning. I had to pick up a fruit tray for a work potluck and saw this while checking out. While I am usually a hot mocha girl all the way, this was still pretty good.

4. Honestly, I am so proud of this blog and what it has become. I don’t want it to sound brag-y, but this space is really important to me and I’m glad I get the chance to connect with others. That being said, running a blog is a lot of work and I’m glad I’ve pushed through the hard times to keep it up and running. I love chatting with you all!

5. On Thursday, I was dealing with a sick husband so I was up at 4 a.m. Instead of getting coffee on my way to work, I stopped by Chic-fil-A and got a chicken biscuit and TWO sweet teas. Y’all, their tea is the best of the best. CFA has my heart.

6. Give an Oiselle gift and get something for yourself too! They have lots of great ideas ranging in price (and some even less than $25!)
Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 7.55.51 AM.png

7. Some discounts from my inbox. While I hate getting lots of shopping/discount emails (I use Unroll.me to keep a handle on it) I do love to save money. Here are some great discounts that landed in my inbox this week.

Take 10% off any StrideBox subscription with code ALOHA10.
Brooks is offering 35% off their Launch 4 running shoes.
Free shipping on orders $45+ at Shutterfly.

8. Lunchtime fetch with Murphy is always so much fun. It gets my blood pumping (he is so fast!) and gets me outside for some fresh air (even when it is 30 degrees and super windy). I love using the burst option on the iPhone to take as many pictures as I can in a row. I always get some hilarious outtakes. Love love love this crazy pup of mine.

Rock N Roll marathon series – 24 hour sale!

Happy Thursday! Today started off super early (like 4 a.m. early) due to having a sick husband. Not the best way to start my day, but thankfully he is off work today, so he can stay home and get lots of rest.

Before I dig into some work, I wanted to remind you all of a super awesome sale RnR is having.

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the Rock ‘n Roll Nashville 2018 race as part of being a member of the Rock N Blog team. All opinions are my own.

Guys if you are thinking about signing up for a Rock N Roll Race for 2018, TODAY IS THE DAY. They are having a 24-hour sale for TODAY ONLY and these prices are crazy!

*Like $40-off-the-Nashville-marathon crazy* Come run with me!

I’m definitely running Nashville and since the STL race is canceled, I might try and make it to Chicago.

What RnR races are you running? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram @mileswithmeghann.

Recipe for a good run

The first step into my run last night and I knew it was going to be a good one. I cranked out three miles and started supper before my husband got home from work. BOOM. I felt like superwoman.

Anyways. Back to my run.

My entire day set me up to have a good run.

I left work in SUCH A GOOD MOOD. Waking up to the Rock N Blog email made my entire week, so obviously I was happy for the rest of the day.

Work went by in a flash and I wrapped up several end-of-the-year projects.

Once I left work, I was so excited to get home and hop on the treadmill. YOU KNOW you’re going to have a good run when you are excited about treadmill miles.

This song. On repeat. Forever and ever.

What helps you have a good run?