I’ve registered for my first postpartum race!

Six months into parenthood and A LOT has happened/changed since Emery came into this world. It’s a fun and exhausting time and I love being a momma.

Running has been a big part of my life for years and will hopefully continue to be for a long time.

So earlier this week, I registered for my first post partum race — the Wendell Foster Half Marathon. It’s in my hometown (and current town) and supports a great organization (I actually volunteered there when Ryan and I first moved back to Owensboro!). It’s in November so I have a lot of time to prepare (thank goodness!) But I am so excited to have a race on the calendar.

Half Marathon - November 13, 2021

While I’m just running for my sanity right now, I can’t wait to start training soon!

Do you have any races scheduled for 2021?

Looking forward to postpartum running

Let me start off this post with the most important (at least to me!) news — I RAN HALF A MILE.

While I don’t officially get cleared to workout until next week, I couldn’t help but hop on the treadmill to see work up a quick sweat. It was a sloooow half mile (13:57 pace I think?) but I am so dang proud!

I cannot wait to get back to running and to share with you all everything I learn about postpartum fitness/running along the way.

Happy Global Running Day

Happy #GlobalRunningDay! Here I am after my first marathon! (#RnRNashville) One of my proudest running accomplishments and something I never thought would happen.

Running teaches me more about myself with every mile. I’ve been running for more than 10 years and I can say it’s honestly changed my life. #runhappy 💕

Even when a run sucks at least I get to spend time outside

Today’s run wasn’t the best — but I got outside and did something. It felt great to knock out some miles before 7 a.m.! And honestly, who cares if I didn’t run as fast as I wanted? I’m not training for anything right now, life is crazy and the fact that I got out the door with my running shoes on is an accomplishment in itself.

So if you got outside today — be proud!

Scenes from today’s run:

Work. Run. Play.

While last week was ALL about work, I am making it a point to have some more fun and run more this week. While I know some weeks need to be all about work and deadlines, I knew after stretching myself too thin last week – something had to change.

I started off my week with a run on Sunday. It was gorgeous outside! A slight chill in the air, but so sunny! I ran a couple miles around my neighborhood and just enjoyed being outside.

Throughout the week I have enjoyed being outside more, relaxing on the couch with Murphy and just taking it easy. Last week I wrote six stories for my side gig and this week I wrote one. It was glorious.

I also hopped on the treadmill when I wanted, did some running and walking intervals and put no pressure to crank out some crazy workout/run.

If this season of your life is busy, don’t add extra stress by piling on workouts and long runs. Do what you can, when you can. Keep showing up. The work will pay off.

Focus on the good runs instead of the bad

Last week I freaking killed my runs. Maybe it was the cooler temps or maybe I was just kicking ass, but my pace was the lowest it had been in MONTHS.

And then this week I was back up to running 11:10-30. Womp, womp. It was no fun to see my splits and my honestly I was a little mad.

But why should I be focusing on the bad runs, when I should be focusing on the good ones?! I obviously know I can run faster — just some days it works out my way, and some days it doesn’t.

Image result for des linden just keep showing up

Missing high school XC a little this week

One of my favorite parts of being a journalist is being invested in my community. Last night I was helping my husband (who is a sports journalist) by covering a local high school cross country meet. He knows nothing about XC and I ran in high school, so it was an easy decision who should be writing about running 😉

The race was at one of our local courses in town and one that I spent so much time at during high school. We practiced here, we raced here and my senior year, we were regional runner-ups at this course.

It holds a special place in my heart.

Seeing so many old friends, coaches and people in the running community who I’ve known for years was so fun. I was so proud of all the kids who were out there racing.

It made me miss a little sad and longing for my old high school team — but only for a minute. I’ve grown so much as a person and a runner since my time in high school and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

I can’t wait to cover more races this season and give these runners some coverage they deserve. I know how hard it is to race every weekend and I think their accomplishments should be shared with the community.

I also got to introduce my photographer to the sport I love, which was fun. If any of you all have any questions about cross country, distance running or running in general, let me know! Shoot me an email, I’d love to hear from you. mileswithmeghann@gmail.com

Does running ever get any easier?

I mean for real. I ran a freaking marathon and some days running 3 miles is a struggle.

Anyone else feel like this at times? It’s honestly a little defeating and sometimes makes me question if I am a “real runner.”

I keep trying to get faster and so far I haven’t had much luck. I keep trying to pick up the pace on my “easy” runs and incorporate strides at the end of most of my runs — but I’m still stuck in the high 10s/low 11s for my pace. I remember workouts from high school XC but nothing seems to translate into my fitness now. It sucks.

I guess I just want to know that I’m not alone. In this crazy world of social media (which at times can be an awesome thing) it’s not easy to not get caught in this trap that everyone is fast and has perfectly matching running clothes (that don’t ride up or chafe, etc, etc) and runs 6-10 miles every day.

Okay. Rant over. Happy Saturday, friends!

I ran a marathon…now what?

So it’s been five days since RnR Nashville and I am still riding my runner’s high. I did my first run since the race last night and it wasn’t terrible.

But now that I’ve accomplished such a big dream, now what?

For now, I want to work on speed at short distances. I’m not sure if that means trying to break my high school PR in the 5k or trying to break 2 in the half.

But I love running. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done and I love how I can always get better — there is always a new goal to strive for.

Will I run another marathon?

Never say never. While for the longest time I thought I might be one and done with the marathon, now I’m having seconds thoughts. What could I do on a flat course with more training? Could I break 5? Could I come back next year and crush those hills?

While for now, I don’t see another 26.2 in the books, I’m not completely ruling it out. Honestly, marathons take a lot of time to train for (duh), are exhausting emotionally, physically and mentally and they are usually pretty pricey (not including travel, hotel, etc). I don’t have a lot of big races (or long distance races) near me, so deciding to run a marathon requires a lot of thought and planning.

Whatever comes next, I’m excited about the journey!

Officially a marathoner — RnR Nashville race recap

I received a free entry into this race since I am a member of Rock N Blog. All opinions are my own.


Okay, okay. Now to recap RnR Nashville race day. Ryan (my wonderful husband and cheerleader throughout this whole process) and I stayed at the Renaissance in downtown Nashville. We were just a few blocks away from the VIP setup and from the starting line.

After grabbing some fruit (I brought my normal breakfast bar from home) and using the restrooms, I started to get restless so we made our way toward the corrals. I was in corral 13 and had some time to kill before things really got going.

Once we sang the National Anthem, the St. Jude rockstars got to take off first and then each corral about every five minutes. Before I knew it, I was off and running! The crowd support was amazing throughout the entire race. I know I probably started off faster than I should have, but I was so excited to be racing AND for my first marathon.

I also got to see Ryan at the start! He got a video of me running and I love it so much!

Honestly, I tried to “be calm” (my mantra) and enjoy the race. I knew this might be the only marathon I ever run (more on that later) and I wanted to remember it all and enjoy every step.

BUT HOLY HILLS. I knew the hills in this race would be killer, but I didn’t really realize it until I was in the thick of the race. My quads were killing me about 1/4 of the way into the race and I knew I was going to have to earn the title of marathoner. I started walking up some of the hills and made lots of friends along the way who were doing the same thing.

Oh yeah. This also happened at around mile 9.

The wall at mile 20 is a very real thing. I was in so much pain and was ready for the race to be over. I tried not to wish it away since I had worked so hard to get there, but my feet were in pain, I was chafing and I could my shoulders getting burnt.

But like I said, the crowd support was amazing. That’s what helped keep me going. The cheers, high-fives, puppy power, popsicles and orange slices were so appreciated. People were even giving out shots of beer and jello shots. It was awesome.

The best feeling was when I got to mile 26. I KNEW I could finish. There was a bit of a downhill and then you make a turn into Nissan Stadium. Once I saw the finish line I almost started to cry.

I did it! I was about to become a marathoner!

I definitely didn’t run the tangets and ran a couple miles over the 26.2. But I stopped my watch at 26.2 and I’m so happy with the results!

Three days later and I’m still in shock that I ran a marathon.

This was 16 weeks of blood, (I fell off the treadmill once) sweat and tears. Training for a marathon is physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting. There were so many moments of doubt during this process.

My biggest takeaway from this experience is WE CAN DO HARD THINGS.

So thanks for the memories, Nashville. This was a day I won’t soon forget.