Being overweight and shedding my shirt — #SportsBraSquad

It’s hotter than Satan’s armpit in Kentucky right now. And not only is it hot, it is HUMID. The combination of the two leaves me hot and sticky walking from my front door to my car.

So yesterday morning in the middle of my run, I decided to shed my shirt. I’m 20 pounds over where I want to be and parts of my body jiggle.

But it was HOT and HUMID even at 8 a.m. Halfway through my run, I realized how soaked my tank top was and how it was weighing me down. I thought to myself, “screw what the neighbors I have to get this top off now!”

Thankfully Murphy loves me no matter how much jiggle I have or how insecure I am about my body. He also loves to lick my sweat (so gross!) so he was happy to see me after my run.

The heat is even getting to him. After our walk so he could “do his business,” he plopped down about a block away from the house. and looked at me like, “please carry me home.”

I hope you all are having a great Thursday and are staying cool!