Stopping by my college town

A couple weeks ago my husband and I were able to stop through our college town — Murray, Kentucky!

While we drive through there often (it’s on our way to Ryan’s hometown) we never get to stop and walk through campus. Since we had some time to kill, we decided to grab a bite to eat and see some of our favorite spots.

The shoe tree (pictured below) is one of my favorite traditions at MSU.

A tradition since the late 1960s, Racer “sole” mates who meet on campus hang their shoes on the Shoe Tree, which is said to bring them a lifetime of good luck.

We nailed our shoes to the tree in 2014 when we got married. It’s so fun to come back five years and see them still there! We brought Murphy to walk around campus and it was so hot but so fun to reminisce on our college days!

Here is Murphy on the back steps of Pogue Library! I spent a lot of hours in there studying and writing stories for the college newspaper.

It’s been a crazy life around here lately so blog content is few and far between, I know. But I’m so thankful for those of you who check-in and read! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @mileswithmeghann for more regular posting.

Murphy has his own IG account now (@murphythemuttmix) so give him a follow too if you like adorable pups.

Happy Friday Eve!

Working in Music City

If you’ve followed for a while, you now my full-time job often gives me the chance to travel. So today I’m coming to you from Music City — aka NASHVILLE!

I’m here Wednesday – Saturday and I am pumped. Nashville is one of my favorite cities and I love being able to be back in the city where I ran my first marathon.

Also, check out the views from our cute AirBnB.

Since we’re in Music City, we encouraged all of our event attendees to wear band/musician shirts. I went for a classic — Dolly Parton. Love her.

We’re basically working 16 hour days while we are down here, so not a lot of time for running, but I am hoping to sneak in a couple miles at some point this week.

I hope you all have a great Thursday! Follow along for more on Instagram @mileswithmeghann.

Charleston, SC — days two and three

Happy Friday! It’s a sunny day in Charleston (our first of the week!)

Even though today our last day in the city (we fly home tonight) I thought I would recap our two full days in Charleston.

Wednesday kicked off the first full day in the city and was filled with workshops, speakers and lots of masterminding. Our walk to the event was gorgeous. I am obsessed with the colored buildings and the pretty churches.

Our first event for the week was at the American Theater (the same place where Noah and Allie from The Notebook had their first date!) It’s such a unique venue and I love that I get to explore so many neat places thanks to my job.
Image result for the notebook american theater

We’ve also been eating our way through Charleston. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits and Glazed have been two of our go-to breakfast stops. The pimento cheese biscuit and the vegan chocolate ginger doughnuts were definitely my favorite.

Supper was at High Cotton (another place from the movie!) and I ate so much (#foodbaby). I definitely need to get back to the gym and eating healthy (and not so much) next week. 
I love the people I work with and I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many inspiring clients. These events always leave me excited to work on my personal and professional goals.

I am sad to be leaving such a fun city but I am excited to get back to my boys!

Charleston, SC — day one

Greetings from Charleston!

After several delays and a missed connection, I landed in Charleston Tuesday night and it has bee a whirlwind of work, play and food since then.

Look at my adorable bathroom! The Renaissance in Charleston had great service and the cutest decor.

We made it with minutes to spare before we hosted our work cocktail hour at the Pour Taproom. It was such a neat concept — it’s a rooftop bar and restaurant and event space. You only pay by the ounce! No prepaying, just open a tab and you’re free to taste 70 of the most unique selection craft beers, wines, cocktails and ciders in Charleston.

It’s basically a beer and wine festival shrunk down into one room. Located on the 9th floor of Historic District Hyatt, it is the tallest rooftop bar in Charleston!

After drinks, a group us headed to The Grocery for supper. I love farm-to-table places and this was no exception! I was so hungry that I forgot to take pictures of my appetizers (fried oysters) and meal (triggerfish) but this peanut butter bar was delicious. 

While there has been no time to workout (I’ve been averaging about four hours of sleep a night since we got here) I walked more than 20,000 steps yesterday and it was so fun to explore the city on foot.

I’ll have recaps from yesterday and today up on the blog later this week!

Last work trip of the year!

This morning I made the hour drive to our closest “big” airport (ha! that’s still a joke, but at least they have flights to Atlanta) for our last work trip of 2018.

We are flying from Evansville to Atlanta and then to Charleston, SC. I’ve never been to Charleston before so I’m pretty excited. And our event is at the movie theater that Noah and Allie visit in The Notebook (so cool!)
Image result for american theater charleston sc the notebook

I’ll be there for the rest of the week and while our events and a lot of a little play, I’m still hoping to get in some local site-seeing. I am blessed to work for such a great company.

So lots of work and not a lot running this week, but that’s okay. It’s all about balance.

I promise I will get back to blogging about running soon…

Hi friends! This craziness of moving + vacation is real. We closed on our home last Friday, went to an out-of-town wedding last Saturday, then came home and moved furniture a week ago today.

After that, we worked on the house for a couple days, traveled to St. Louis for an awesome Ed Sheeran concert and then came back to rest, recharge, buy some more furniture and prepare for a week of work after being gone for 10 days.

We got the treadmill plugged in and ready to go last night which means I can back to running sooner rather than later!

Thanks for hanging in there while I do life.

Sunday adventures in Murray

Yesterday my mom and I drove down to Murray to help my brother move back into his dorm at MSU! (Go Racers!)

Helping him move meant I got free Cookout (only the best fast food ever 😍)

Since this is my brother’s second year at Murray State, he didn’t want us to hang around too long. Murray and Hazel (the neighboring town) have a ton of antique and thrift shops, so we spent hours browsing the stores and enjoying the afternoon.

Before we left town, Mom and I stopped by Murray’s DQ. Murray’s Dairy Queen is different than most –it’s a walk up restaurant and the food menu is limited.

Oh, and another thing? It’s only open March-October. This place holds a special place in my heart from my college years and it’s so fun to go back and visit every now and then.

While you’re here, check out my post from this morning on how to get more fiber in your diet (it’s educational and helpful!). 

Happy Monday!

I find inspiration in the mountains

Sometimes inspiration can come from the simplest things. I swear looking at pictures of mountains instantly calms and excites me all at the same time.

Here are some of my favorites:

I obviously had to include a picture with a pup. Crazy dog lady here.

There is no wrong way to be inspired. Do what works for you and go out into the world with a new sense of adventure, excitement, and fire. Happy Sunday!

Adventures at Lake Norman – part two

I spent all of last week with lake hair and smelling like sunscreen and bug spray. Even though we were at Lake Norman for a work retreat (so I was still taking calls, answering emails and putting out fires) we were also working on ourselves and our personal lives.

The lake is such a calming presence, it’s a great place to really reflect and reset.

I also got the chance to work on my tan and daydream of owning a home on the lake.

On Tuesday night we took a quick break from the lake to stay at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro before we had a full day learning and activities at High Point University. We got to hear Nido Qubein speak, take a tour of the new biomechanics lab and learn how to make ourselves better employees, coworkers and people.

(Also. The cheesecake at the Grandover was ah-mazing!

HPU is basically like the Disney World colleges. It was so pretty, well-designed and modern. I loved getting to take a short break to walk around campus and take it all in. Plus since I wasn’t getting in my daily run this walk was a great way to get my steps in. (this also means I didn’t make it to the end of my #rwrunstreak goal)

For supper Wednesday night we had a guitarist play and sing while we ate, tried to solve the world’s problems and enjoyed each other’s company. I could seriously live on the lake year-round. It was all so calming.

Thursday was the last day everyone was together and some of the crew had to leave Friday morning. We enjoyed a two-hour hike at Lake Norman State Park, a hot yoga sesh, some more time on the lake and a dinner cruise (which had more cheesecake!)

The last two days were spent caring for our crew, sending them home with full heart and full bellies and breaking down the houses so we could head home ourselves. A coworker and I drove our boss’s car + all the dry goods 9.5 hours back to Owensboro while the others flew home that morning.

It was a great week and I am so thankful to work for such a great company and with such awesome people.

Now it’s back to the office, a normal workout routine and healthy lunches. Happy Monday!