Adventures at Lake Norman – part one

On Saturday, after a day of flying, driving, grocery shopping and unpacking we finally got to enjoy Lake Norman and the awesome house we rented before hitting the hay.

This view is gorgeous!

I am so thankful for a job that allows me to travel and learn so much while doing so.

Also — look at these awesome bunkbeds — it reminds me of sleepaway camp.

On Sunday, we had free time before some more of our team arrived so I got to try kayaking! It was so much fun and easier than I thought it would be. I’m hoping to try paddleboarding later this week.

I haven’t had any time to run, but I’ve eaten some really great and healthy meals. I’ll be sure to check back in a few days.

*I’ll be posting regularly to Instagram (@mileswithmeghann)

A runner’s guide to Seattle

In preparation for RnR Seattle and in collaboration with Brooks the team Bib Rave and Rock N Blog created the Infinite Energy Seattle City Guide! The guide was created to give folks participating in RnR Seattle (on June 10) ideas of places to check out and things to do!Blog_Opener_1280x1000.jpg

The guide will help you make sure you #runallthemiles, #eatallthefood, and more. From the best Seattle treats to post-race brunch, all of the recommendations come from runners with your race weekend in mind.

Also. Don’t these Top Pot Doughnuts look AMAZING?!

Seattle is one of my top places to visit on my travel bucket list. I hope everyone running RnR Seattle enjoys the weekend, the views and the race! Hopefully one day I can join you!

Wishing I was going to RnR San Diego next weekend…

For those of you running RnR San Diego next weekend … I AM SO JEALOUS. What a great opportunity to meet and run with some of the best in our sport!

For those who haven’t registered, there is still time! Registration closes Sunday night.

1 p.m. – Meet & Greet with Des Linden at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Booth
2 p.m. – Featured athletes, race officials and government representatives will take part in a public press conference inside the Expo
3 p.m. – Meet & Greet with Meb Keflezighi at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Booth

7 a.m. – Synchrony Rock ‘n’ Roll 5K presented by Brooks with appearances by both athletes
1 p.m. – Meet & Greet with Des Linden at the Brooks Merchandise Area

Sunday – RACE DAY
6:15 a.m. – Meb Kelflezighi will start with the 1:30 half marathoners
6:15 a.m. – Des Linden will start with the 2:00 half marathoners

Naples, Florida & The Ritz-Carlton

The last 28 hours have been a whirlwind. A two-hour drive to the airport, flight to ATL, flight to Fort Myers, Florida, meetings, cocktail hour for work, some sleep, an 8-hour workshop, more driving, more flights and a little more driving.

The Ritz-Carlton at Naples was gorgeous and definitely lived up to its famous name. Now that I’ve gotten a taste of the Ritz, I want to stay there every time I’m on the road.

I can’t wait to come back and hopefully stay longer than 25 hours.

But now it’s time to focus on the race! A day and a half until the marathon!!!

On the road (and in the air) again…

Thank goodness it is taper week because work is CRAZY this week. Not only is it finals week for side hustle teaching job, but to Florida for a work event.

I worked two days in the office and then flew out of Nashville to Atlanta and then to Florida this morning.

While it’s not ideal, I’m going with the flow, and trying to stay hydrated and loose for my race on Saturday! Since I won’t get back into town until super early (like 2 a.m.) Friday morning, I am hoping to get some sleep before grading finals and hitting the road to Nashville for race weekend!

If you have any last-minute tips before my race on Saturday, I would love to hear from you! Drop me a comment below or send me an email at

I’ll check back in with you all on Friday!

My first plane ride + Miami

I can check another thing off my bucket list — on Tuesday morning I took my first flight!

We have a work event in Miami this week, so on Tuesday morning, we drove to Nashville to board a flight to Fort Lauderdale. I wasn’t really nervous about flying, but I also wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. Thankfully I made it with no sickness and only a little ear pain/pressure. Win!

My awesome coworkers let me have a window seat and it was amazing watching the plane climb through the air. It was so cool to be above the clouds.

Miami and South Beach (where we are staying) have such a fun vibe. The sun and the ocean air just makes me so happy. I also love how much fresh fruit there is here! This was my lunch from yesterday and I could eat this every day for the rest of my life. 

Our whole team has been working 16 hour days, so there hasn’t been much time for sight-seeing or relaxing. I also haven’t run since Monday, but I think my body is welcoming the break.

I’m hoping to check back in before my Friday Favorites post, but things are a little crazy. Follow me @mileswithmeghann on Instagram for more real-time updates.

Nashville Weekend

Happy MONDAY! I am so excited to think about this being the last full week of work before Thanksgiving! I don’t teach next Wednesday night and I am off on Thanksgiving and Black Friday so I am looking forward to eating lots of good food, spending time with family and friends, shopping and napping.
But before I delve any more into what’s to come, I want to recap my weekend in Nashville. Ryan and I decided to get some Christmas shopping done early (for ourselves and others) and Ryan was needing to update his wardrobe some before the holidays and super cold weather, so we decided to make an adventure and travel to Nashville!
We only shopped at Opry Mills Mall, but when they have everything you need, why go anywhere else?
We snagged a lot of great deals and even got Christmas shopping done for a few people.

I snagged these pink Nike’s and I LOVE them. We also got some new clothes for work, (we both have to dress business casual/business professional), some shoes and some camping materials.

Before we headed home (my feet were killing me!) we grabbed some fresh-baked cookies and cranked up Spotify to prepare for the insane traffic.

After the two-hour drive home, we stopped at Applebee’s and shared several small appetizers plates, picked up Murphy and headed home to watch Sunday Night Football.

All in all, it was a great weekend and ready productive!

What was a highlight of your weekend?

Final STL trip of 2017

I had most of this post typed up this morning, but as I went to finish this post, all I could think about was the people in Vegas and those are hurting and have lost loved ones.

I am sad for our country and this world, but I know this is not my permanent home. God has built a kingdom for me in heaven. My heart, thoughts and prayers goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy.


Whew! I need another weekend to recover from this weekend! While it was so much fun to get away for a few days, I am wiped!

But let’s backup to Friday. I took the day off from work so I could clean the house, run some errands and pack for out trip to St. Louis. While I got everything done my to-do list, I was exhausted by the time Ryan got home from work. We decided to keep the evening low-key, so we took a new board game to my parent’s house and spent the evening with my mom and brother (who came home from college this weekendto watch Murphy while Ryan and I took our trip).

Saturday morning, me and Ryan and my mom and dad hit the road pretty early. The three-ish hour drive from Owensboro to STL went by pretty fast before I knew it we were at Busch Stadium in one of their clubhouses getting ready for the game!

The clubhouse seats are a little pricey, but are definitely the best deal. It opens about three hours before the game starts and has a buffet with all kinds of food and desserts and an unlimited open bar.

This was my parent’s first MLB game, so it was fun to introduce them to something that Ryan and I love so much! The cherry on top was that the Cardinals rallied on Saturday to win the game! 

The cards lost on Sunday, and they are out of the playoffs, so it was their last game of the year. Out of 162 games, Ryan and I got to attend five of them at Busch Stadium. We are already excited for the 2018 season! We can’t wait to be back at Busch. We also hoping to travel to other stadiums this year to watch the Cards play.

The drive back home was long and tiring and we were all more than ready to hit the hay when got home. I’m now about halfway through my work day and I am definitely ready for some more caffeine.

Working out and traveling

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I always do my best workouts on the weekends. I don’t have as many time constraints, I can focus on my workout and I have plenty of time to stretch, warmup and cool down. 

But when I travel on the weekends, I feel like I can’t get workout as well as I want.


* I had to include this hilarious picture I took of Murphy while we were traveling. 

That was the case this weekend. We visited my in-laws in Tennessee and had a great time, but my workouts suffered. 

Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. My family is more important than any workout, but getting in one sweat sesh a day makes me feel better and helps me be the best version of myself. 

So while I didn’t get to run and have a killer total body workout, I did get it some solid movements and walks with Murph that worked up some endorphins.

So don’t beat yourself if you chose to spend time with family rather than working out. While I missed my workouts, I know they will be waiting for me Monday afternoon after work.