Favorite maternity workout clothes

Even though my running has come to a screeching halt during pregnancy, I am still trying to get out and active every day. Early on in my pregnancy when I looking at other blogs to see what women were wearing during pregnancy + working out all I found were ladies who were several sizes smaller than me. While I’m not quite plus size, I am usually a size 10-12. So hopefully this will help anyone who isn’t a size 4 (no shame at all to those who are smaller! Yall are rocking it. I just want to put my experience out there and hopefully help other women who are a different body type)

My trusty Oiselle long rogas are literally the first thing I change into when I get home from work and I live in them during the weekends. I own five pairs and four of them are size 12 and one of them is a size 14. They are still fit great (though the 12s are almost snug, they are still comfortable!) I never found any true maternity athletic shorts that I liked so I’m hoping my rogas can hold out for another 7 weeks.

This maternity tank from Amazon. Loved it so much I ordered a second the day after one came in the mail.

My ProCompression socks! Swollen feet really started to affect me this week and I have been wearing my ProCompression socks nightly around the house. Thankfully I had five pairs from marathon training, but I’m thinking of buying one or two more pairs (the puppy love design and the marathon navys) to add to my rotation.

For my daily walks and on the weekends when I am about and about more, I always wear my Hoka One One Clifton 5s. So much support and they are wide enough that my swollen feet still fit comfortably.

For work, I usually wear some black Crocs sandals I snagged on a whim one day when looking for shoes. I sized up but they are still getting a little snug – this Kentucky heat and humidity is not doing me any favors.

What are some of your maternity workout apparel must-haves?

My favorite inexpensive running gear

Happy hump day! Comin’ atcha today with a fun round up of my favorite inexpensive running gear.

Everything on this list is under $45!

Crossback keyhole tank from Old Navy

Danskin running tights from Walmart
These are my favorite for everyday wear and for running! They are cheap, but hold up well, super comfortable and come in lots of fun patterns and colors (like the pair I have on below.

Balega ultralight quarter running socks
Invisibobble hair ties

Champion strappy sports bra

Back in high school, I had a white Timex/Ironman watch from Walmart and I loved that thing. It had a timer and tracked splits (which was all I needed) I swear I wore that thing for years.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the fancy watches, expensive name brand gear, the beauty of running is that just it requires some shoes (and preferably some clothes)!

Image result for running cheap sport cartoon meme

How to build a home gym

No waiting for a treadmill or weight rack. Cranking the radio or tv as loud as you want it. Honestly, there are a ton of pros to a home gym.

For me, it was about cost and convenience. Gym memberships have gotten to be outrageous. While I don’t have a pool at my house, I have basically gotten everything else for my home gym. I love that I can get a workout in any time of day and in any weather and I don’t have to worry about what to do with Murphy, driving in bad weather, or if the gym is open.

Home Gym.jpg

To me, one of the best things about a home gym is you don’t have be self conscious. You can wear what you want, sweat and stink the place up and don’t have to worry about looking ridiculous. The only there to see me is my dog.

In a commercial gym you’re going to be surrounded by obnoxious bros, loud frat boys, and chicks who can currently lift more than you. Or on the other hand, people who don’t care, take up machines with texting and little kids running around.

Not everyone in a commercial gym is like that, but they are there… trust me.

Are you going to use your basement or garage for your home gym? Neither one of those an option? Find a space that suits you and your needs. Clean it up, make sure there is plenty of space for equipment and movement and get started building your own home gym.

Put up some inspiration (motivational posters, floor length mirrors, race medals, etc). This space should be designed to help YOU reach your goals.

When we first got out treadmill we actually wanted to put it up in our basement (air conditioning! tv!) But once we started putting it together, we realized our ceilings were too low for Ryan to run on the treadmill (I had no problem, but I’m short)

So then we had to move it to the garage and I think it works much better out there! I have plenty of room to move around and I can crack up the radio and open the garage doors and let all kinds of natural light in.

If you’re doing a programs that calls for you to add non-bodyweight focused resistance training to your regimen – such as 21 Day Fix, 22 Minute Hard Corps, P90X, or Body Beast, you’ll need to pick up dumbbells or resistance bands.

Jump Rope
It’s simple and cheap and doesn’t take up any room. Trying jumping rope for five solid minutes. It’s harder than you think.

Pull Up Bar
We scored one at Academy Sports for less than $100. It was the last thing we added to our home and it has made such a difference in helping me improve my upper body strength.

Foam Roller
Owning a foam roller is like having a personal masseuse on call whenever you need relief from your soreness. Foam rollers can help ease tension, improve mobility, and reduce muscle pain in as little as five to 10 minutes.

We have a treadmill in our garage, but that’s because I am a runner. You absolutely do not need a treadmill to have a great home gym. While it was an investment, it has paid off in the long run, because I get to use it every day, Murphy gets to hang out in the garage with me and I can run rain, shine, sleet or snow.

My review of the NordicTrack Commercial 1750.

Agree with this list? Disagree with anything on this list? See a reason for working out at home that needs to be added?

Comment in the section below and let me know if these reasons ring true for you, or if you think there are any other reasons why people should train at home.

Gift Guide for Runners

Also, all gifts shown are under $100! Can’t get much better than that.

Brooks Pacesetter Tab Sock – Comes in all kinds of fun designs for different holidays and they are only $17! Perfect socking stuffer.

Women’s Meadowbrook Raschel Full Zip from The North Face. This looks so cozy! I think it would work well as a running jacket for those super cold mornings or to wear when running errands.

Lux Raglan Long Sleeve – I have the short sleeve version of this top and I love it. It’s so soft and buttery, but holds up great during a workout.

I’m hungry because I run, I run because I’m hungry shirt.

Nike headbands – These don’t slip and look super cute.

Brooks PureCandence 5 – I am about to rotate these shoes out, but I loved them. I thought they were great for the road or trails. AND right now they are $30 off (which makes them $90!)

Running On The Wall medal and bib holder – I have a medal holder and bib holder similar to these. It’s from the same company, mine just had a different quote and mine are both red. Ryan gave it to me the first Christmas we were dating and it is one of my most cherished gifts.

Have any other gift ideas for runner that you think I’ve missed? Let me know! Happy Tuesday, friends 🙂

This post is not sponsored. It’s just a roundup of some of my favorites that I think you will love too!

My must-have running gear

Every runner has their favorites. Favorite shoes, apparel, headphones, etc. I love seeing what others are using, so I thought I would share some of my must-have running gear with you all!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and is just a list of my favorite brands that I wanted to share.

Brooks Ghost 7

I have loved Brooks shoes for years, so I was pretty pumped when I received the Ghost 7’s for my birthday last year. After not running a lot during the winter, I broke these bad boys out in the Spring and have been in them ever since.
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